Richard Püttner, Trieste

Trieste. General view over the bay. In front figurines in a terrace garden. Toned wood engraving by F. Geigenmüller after Richard Püttner (Wurzen 1842 – Munich 1913) for Adolf Closs, Stuttgart. (1876.) 7¼ × 9⅝ in (18.5 × 24.4 cm). – Atmospheric sheet.

“ What Venice has been for maritime traffic in the olden days ,

that  Trieste  is  for  the  modern  world …

the smooth traffic of all imaginable nations … these are the elements which determine the character of the city … Her commercial improvement … Trieste owes to the great Maria Theresa, her legislation freed the trade of all bonds, she opened that free path to the traffic of the various nations …

Naturally the harbor is the center of the city and all her significance … from here

that  curious  Canal  grande  starts

on  which  the  heaviest  ships  get  deep  into  the  inner  city …

Certainly of all the big institutions which have been created here, the Lloyd is the most important one … at the beginning the activity was limited to just the insurance business (1831) until the need became evident to convey the important news the company received about maritime traffic … to the greater audience … ”

(Karl Stieler and others, Italy, 1876, pages 70 f.).

Offer no. 10,115 / EUR  91. (c. US$ 101.) + shipping

“ I am curious as to the history of this (original Ridinger printing) plate (I just bought) and the others you have offered. Did you purchase them from the Ridinger estate (indirectly, indeed) or a private collector? These are truly rare one of a kind pieces ”

(Mr. L. A. F., October 28, 2003)