Richard Püttner, Trieste

Trieste. General view over the bay. In front figurines in a terrace garden. Toned wood engraving by F. Geigenmüller after Richard Püttner (Wurzen 1842 – Munich 1913) for Adolf Closs, Stuttgart. (1876.) 7¼ × 9⅝ in (18.5 × 24.4 cm). – Atmospheric sheet.

“ What Venice has been for maritime traffic in the olden days ,

that  Trieste  is  for  the  modern  world …

the smooth traffic of all imaginable nations … these are the elements which determine the character of the city … Her commercial improvement … Trieste owes to the great Maria Theresa, her legislation freed the trade of all bonds, she opened that free path to the traffic of the various nations …

Naturally the harbor is the center of the city and all her significance … from here

that  curious  Canal  grande  starts

on  which  the  heaviest  ships  get  deep  into  the  inner  city …

Certainly of all the big institutions which have been created here, the Lloyd is the most important one … at the beginning the activity was limited to just the insurance business (1831) until the need became evident to convey the important news the company received about maritime traffic … to the greater audience … ”

(Karl Stieler and others, Italy, 1876, pages 70 f.).

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