“ The  Richly  Decorated  Renaissance  Chimney ”

Antwerp – Town Hall of A., Chimney Piece in the. Cheminée a l’Hôtel de Ville d’Anvers. The large fireplace attributed to Pieter Coecke van Aelst I (teacher and father-in-law of Pieter Bruegel I; Aelst 1502 – Brussels 1550) in the office of the mayor. This sitting at the table with reading-desk and folios. At his side a messenger, before the fireplace petitioner with his hat in the hand. On each side of the chimney the portrait of a previous incumbent. Color lithograph by François Stroobant (Brussels 1819 – Elsene 1916). Inscribed: F. S. 1853 (in reverse) / F. Stroobant del. et lith. / C. Muquardt éditeur. / Imp. Simonau & Toovey, Bruxelles., otherwise (erroneously) in French, German, and English as below. 13¼ × 8¾ in (33.6 × 22.1 cm).

François Stroobant, Chimney Piece in the Town Hall Antwerp

Boetticher II/2, 855. – “Belgian architectural painter … known by works and drawings to art history, especially of his homeland. Several drawings he has lithographed himself.” So the present one, too. – The designation here – The Marriage Hall at the Town of Antwerp – exchanged by mistake for the one of that sujet.

“ Of (Coeckes) activity as sculptor and architect only limited remnants have come down to us … the renaissance chimney richly decorated with caryatides, ornaments, and the bas-reliefs of Last Supper, Brazen Serpent, Crucifixion, and Abraham’s Sacrifice in the office of the mayor at Antwerp city hall which is attributed to him … ”

(Eduard Plietzsch, Thieme-Becker VII, p. 162).

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