Lasinsky, Ruin Thurnberg + Wellmich

Wellmich – Lasinsky, Johann Adolf (Simmern 1808 – Dusseldorf 1871). Ruines de Thurmberg et Welmich. Ruin Thurnberg and Wellmich. View over the Rhine with (sail)boat decoration on town and Mouse Castle. Toned pen and ink lithograph. Inscribed: (Recorded from nature and lithographed by J. A. Lasinsky 1828. / Frankfort a/M. C. Jügel.), caption as above in German-French parallel text. 8¾ × 11¼ in (22.2 × 28.5 cm).

In  its  nervous  line  conduct  ahead  of  its  time ,

unmistakably, and instantaneously lithographed after own sketch, and thus “standing out highly advantageously from the leaves of much smaller size engraved after him by other artists … Lasinsky’s ‘sensibility, keenest power of observation, realistic study of nature, and talent for large wide landscapes’ have been praised” (Schulte 1969).

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