Eckenbrecher, Alpine Landscape in the Snow

Alpine Landscape in the Snow. With two mountain travelers. Wood engraving after Themistokles von Eckenbrecher (Athens 1842 – Goslar 1921) for Adolf Cloß, Stuttgart. (1875/77.) Inscribed in the stock: TvE (ligated), otherwise typographic caption in German as above. 5⅛ × 7⅜ in (13.1 × 18.8 cm).

Eckenbrecher, Motif from the Handeck

BACK: Motif from the Handeck. Rich live stock scenery. Wood engraving by L. Rusing after Eckenbrecher as above. 4⅛ × 7⅜ in (10.6 × 18.8 cm). Inscribed in the stock: TvEckenbrecher (ligated) / L. Rusing, otherwise typographic caption in German as above. – Continuous text on a trip at the Handeck on both sides.

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“ The prints arrived safely. What is your return policy? My boss, doesn’t like the images, which I understand is subjective (– probably in reaction on the 11th September –) and no reflection on the condition or any representations you made. Sorry to bother you with this ”

(Mrs. A. P., September 26, 2001)