two thousand twenty
aha event
since birth current

23 october till 22 november
from zero till zero

« The beautiful

yet advances

the welfare of mankind

to a far higher and greater degree

( than the useful things ) ;

therefore among the useful things

the most useful of all

actually is the beautiful »

Hermann von Pückler-Muskau

German Commentaries, Chap. on Governing

placed in front of his

Hints on Landscape Gardening

scorpio’s offer price = 100%
scorpio years = 85%
scorpio’s aha event discount = 15%

Ergo 15%
on each and everything
with offer no. from 1 to 16,085

And generally beyond till offer no. 16,500
on colored individual sheets as little flag wavers

All, as far as still available, you encounter on or in your recollection – in which latter case it has to be reckoned with changes of no./price – and which additionally will be cut automatically at billing

by 3% VAT reduction discount*

* valid only for domestic and EU shipments taxable for VAT

And now to the catalogs

niemeyer’s —
beautifying the walls , enriching the library

“ Thank you so much for The Fashion Etchings by Hollar. I am very nicely surprised and very very impressed … The presentation is very professional and everything look very good … and if you have some more interesting etchings by Hollar … please let me know ”

(Mrs. P. P., July 8, 2004)