Eve  in  Summer  and  Sun  Wind

there  it’s  easy  to  make  something  wrong !

Just as your ridinger gallerist ,
when he is willing
to leave to you the following 6 (of 12)

ridinger paradise plates

at  awfully  august-cheap  equivalents .


“ Very  Fine  Composition , showing  all  the  Animals  of  the  Chase
in  Natural  Surroundings , with  Beautiful  Light  Effects ”

( Schwerdt III, 144 )

Coming from old Munich estate the sheets with margins of about 1-4 cm have been deframed and cleaned to the result that the fine quality of these impressions on laid paper shows well again.

– all illustrations details only –


Th. 807 (detail)And God said, Let us make man in our image … The first man thanks his creator manifesting himself in the sun for his life. “Surrounded … by all kinds of animals on the trees, on the ground and in the water”. Up to the green monkey in company of a tail-less bearded monkey and two owls. Etching with engraving. 2nd h. of the ’40s. Inscribed: Joh. Elias Ridinger invenit fec. et excud. A. V. as well as German-French verse from the Bible Gen. 1, 26, Latin verse of St. Ambrose + “(See Brockes poems 8th part p. 84.)” 15½ × 21⅛ in (39.5 × 53.7 cm).

Thienemann + Schwarz 807. – Plate 1 of the series. – Completely executed drawings + sketches see the 1869 Weigel catalogue of left drawings, Ridinger appendix 779-790. A study for the kneeling Adam still standing here in Augsburg. An enlarged drawn copy with rocaille framing of 1755 by Anton Edler von Weinkopf known. – From the front almost not perceptible small tear below Adam’s forearm backed acid-freely. Equally top and below for about 1-1.5 cm each the somewhat pressed through platemark.

Offer no. 28,365 / EUR  588. / export price EUR  559. (c. US$ 676.) + shipping / sold

Th. 808 (detail)And the Lord God planted a garden eastward in Eden … God’s creation celebrates the first sunrise for Adam. As before, but abbreviated “inv.”, Gen. 2, 8 and without reference to Brockes. 15½ × 21¼ in (39.3 × 54 cm).

Thienemann + Schwarz 808. – Plate 2. – Not perceptible from front, a tear running almost horizontally for still about 5 cm through the upper right corner of the image as well as three small tears in the white upper margin backed acid-freely. – See the complete description.

Offer no. 28,366 / EUR  610. / export price EUR  580. (c. US$ 701.) + shipping

Th. 811 (detail)And the Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam … Fortune favours fools – The awakening Adam finds Eve beside him. “All animals are amazed and astonished.” The elephant stretches his trunk to her and “two maiden herons are standing meaningly nearby”. Among them also a pair of ostriches. As before, but inscribed with Joh. El. Ridinger inv. del. et excud. Aug. Vind., Gen. 2, 21 f. + Latin liner by Rupertus Tuit. 15¼ × 20⅞ in (38.7 × 53 cm).

Thienemann + Schwarz 811. – Plate 5. – Finished preparatory drawing and two sketches Weigel 794-796. – A streak reaching deeply into the picture-field after its treatment hardly visible only on the picture-side. Several small streaks in the white margin and the platemark above left, where it is a little pressed through, also repaired acid-freely.

Offer no. 28,367 / EUR  495. / export price EUR  470. (c. US$ 568.) + shipping / sold

Th. 813 (detail)And when the woman saw that the tree was good for food … From now on snake + woman are a synonym. “The lust has received, it gives birth to the sin … The lower creature … deeply grieves over that dreadful sacrilege. The green monkey, the gray baboon … turn away the face from the sight” and from their places quite in front grievingly to the beholder. As before, but Johan(n) Elias Ridinger inv. fec. et excud. Aug. Vind., Gen. 3, 6 + Latin line by Ambrose. 15½ × 21⅝ in (39.3 × 54.8 cm).

Thienemann + Schwarz 813. – Plate 7. – Three executed preparatory drawings and sketches each Weigel 797-802, Eve-Adam-draft in Augsburg. – Imperceptible pinhead-small tiny hole in the foliage of the upper margin of the picture, additions in the white paper margin and there also some acid-freely backed tears reaching up to the edge of the picture.

Offer no. 28,368 / EUR  650. / export price EUR  618. (c. US$ 747.) + shipping / sold

Th. 814 (detail)And gave also unto her husband with her; and he did eat. As before, but only “Joh.” and Gen. 3,6. 15⅜ × 21½ in (39.1 × 54.7 cm).

Thienemann + Schwarz 814. – Plate 8. – One executed preparatory drawing and three sketches Weigel 803-806. Three sketches in Augsburg for the central group of two, one of which executed. – In the right outer field of the picture five (three larger) acid-freely backed tears not perceptible from the front, one such in the white subfield reaching to the edge of the picture. – See the complete description.

Offer no. 28,369 / EUR  535. / export price EUR  508. (c. US$ 614.) + shipping

Th. 818 (detail)So he drove out the man … “Also the snake flees, but the temptation lasts.” As before, but Gen. 3, 24 + Latin line by Chrysostomus. 15⅝ × 21½ in (39.8 × 54.7 cm).

Thienemann + Schwarz 818. – Plate 12. – Two possible sketches in Augsburg. – Pinhead-small tiny hole above between picture and lining, one backed tiny hole in the white upper margin.

Offer no. 28,370 / EUR  640. / export price EUR  608. (c. US$ 735.) + shipping / sold

So far six of the twelve Paradise prints. Whose executed preparatory drawings Ridinger himself “set under frame and glass” (cat. Weigel). That much he identified himself with this work of his. Just as it was said in a review of the Augsburger Zeitung of Dec. 29, 1767, looking back on the year:

“ Our town and the whole learned Germany has lost 2 famous artists some time ago: Mr. Joh. Ridinger … Herr Ridinger’s most noticeable work is: the Paradise comprising of 12 large sheets which is unrepeatable in its drawing. ”

“ Many thanks for your message. Thank you very much for sending the (Anthonie) Waterloo … I am grateful to you for the opportunity to buy the etching. It was interesting to learn about its provenance … The Waterloo etching arrived safely today, beautifully wrapped. Thank you very much indeed ”

(Mr. M. L., April 24 and 29 resp. and May 6, 2003)