The  Examination

The Examination of a Village School. The important day at the country school. While the rest of the class devote themselves to their slates or fun two boys and girls resp. stand on a pedestal before their judge. But examinees as teachers look quite satisfied with each other and have no reason to be ashamed neither before the superintendent nor the many parents. Lithograph by A. Smith. C. 1830. Inscribed in the stone: A. Smith fec., otherwise as above. 18½ × 22⅜ in (47 × 56.7 cm).

Splendid  figure-rich  large  plate  in a very fine impression of rich contrast. Some thin spots in the light cardboard mainly in the wide white margin. Here also a small replenished defect in the paper just as two little backed tears.

Rare  and  much  wanted 

Examination of a Village School

as  all  school  depictions , especially  of  such  an  impressing  size .

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Teachers  Snort  at  You

Landseer, Thomas (1795 London 1880). School Life. The teacher with the quill behind his ear and – worse – the rod in his right hand, pressing hard a little rascal. Both as monkeys dressed like humans. Etching. (1827/28.) Monogrammed in the plate. 8 × 6½ in (20.2 × 16.5 cm).

Rümann, Illustrierte Buch des 19. Jahrhunderts, pp. 99 ff. + illustr. 57; Nagler, Monogram., V, 754 (similar) and, Künstlerlexikon, 1; Thieme-Becker XXII, 305. – On specially wide-margined strong paper. – In the white margin really weak foxing.

Thematically  as  artistically  very  remarkable  print  from the “Monkeyana” as one of Landseer’s but few early and thus typical works (“That Thomas Landseer may be judged only by these illustrations a little book with woodcuts proves which show next to nothing of his intellect”) whose later works were mostly dedicated to the reproduction of his brother’s Edwin animal depictions.

Worked since 1827 the 25 etchings incl. title were published in numbers and with classical captions till 1828 in three editions: standard edition in quarto, edition on larger paper in large quarto, edition with proofs in large quarto, too. Besides copies on mounted China.

The  beautiful  impression  here  from a copy of the better edition on large paper honeycombed with proofs. – With the Shakespeare stanza:

Thomas Landseer, School Life

“ speak no more / I’ll not be made a soft & dull eyd fool

To shake the head relent, & sigh, & yield. ”

Otherwise qualified by Rümann i. a.:

“ Much  more  important  was  Edwin’s  brother  Thomas  Landseer …

… in the ’20s he distinguished himself by a series of 25 plates that were published under the title of ‘Monkeyana’ since 1828 (ills. 57).

Technically  his  etchings  are  masterly,

no less admirable the intellectual grasp of the subject. With much humor and sharp observation he transfers the plain life of his time to the monkey’s life. His sarcasm is biting, almost vicious. ”

And Landseer’s contemporary Nagler, Monogramists V, 686, found that in the set

“ … the habits, costumes, and follies of his time

(were) caricatured delectably ” .

See the complete description.

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Frameworthy  School-Reports

School-report for Joseph BürgerReport for Jacob Grübl

German School-Reports from the Bohemian Region of 1818-1834. Four completely handwritten, three filled-in forms. Signed by the schoolmaster and/or the vicar. One of the red-sealed ones with the seals of both, one with paper seal, one executed without seal. Folio, three of which on double leaves. Prices from EUR 98 to 148 (c. US$ 118-179). – Besides the usual trace(s) of folding of practically perfect condition and

very  well  suited  for  framing  as  being  written  on  the  front  only .

“ Educate the people

to save the fatherland ,

and with the same you save freedom ”

Joseph Meyer

Meyers Universum, 1855

Mathématiques, Instrumens de. 6 (3 double full-page) sheets representations of mathematical instruments. Engravings by Robert Benard (Paris 1734 – after 1777, recte rather ca. 1786) from the quarto edition of the famous encyclopedia by Diderot and d’Alembert. (1784.) C. 9½ × 7⅛ and 9⅞ × 14⅛ in (24 × 18 and 25 × 36 cm) resp.

Instrumens de Mathématiques

Due to former binding the left margin of the individual plates trimmed with loss of the platemark, but the plate margin itself kept. The broad uncut white margins with tidemarks in places.

Besides  an  interesting  view  of  a  workshop  representation of countless parts in reference of material and machines.

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Calculator, The Female. Girl sitting at the stove pressing the slate to her breast and thinking about an exercise. Steel engraving by Albert Henry Payne (London 1812 – Leipsic 1902) after Adolf Sehl. Ca. 1840. 7⅝ × 5⅜ in (19.5 × 13.8 cm).

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Ver Huell, Alexander (Doesburg 1822 – Arnhem 1897). (The Mathematics Examination.) During the geometric examination the examinee hesitates at the blackboard. Colored lithograph. 6⅛ × 8⅝ in (15.6 × 22 cm).

The 5.5-7 cm wide margins and verso strongly foxed, but the image itself untouched of this and the margins covered by the acid-free passepartout ready for framing.

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The  Headmaster’s

Student-friendliness  285  Years  Ago

Reineccius, Christianus. Janua Hebrææ linguæ veteris Testamenti in qua totius Codicis Hebræi Vocabula una cum radicibus & grammatica vocum difficiliorum analysi comparent … Accessit una cum grammatica lexicon hebræo-chaldaicum. 3rd, enlarged and revised ed. Leipsic, Sumpt. Hæred. Lanckisianorum, 1733. 3 ll., 1112 pp. With frontispiece. – Bound with: The Same. Grammatica Hebræo-Chaldaica ex Cl. Wasmvthi Hebraismo Restituto & D. Optii Chaldaismo harmonice adornata & Cum utriusque linguæ paradigmatibus Nominum & Verborum tam perfectorum quam imperfectorum, … etc. 3rd ed. Ibid. 1733. 128 pp. With 1 engraved table. Sm. 8vo. Contemp. vellum (discolored).

Christianus Reineccius, Janua Hebrææ linguæ veteris Testamenti

ADB XXVIII, 15 ff. 3; Jöcher X, 1671. – First title in red and black. – Ad I:

“ His earliest work … was published 1704. It was very successful, not so much because it had been such an excellent work, but

because  it  accommodated  the  human  frailty

in  the  very  same  pleasant  manner ,

which  still  today  has  this  line  of  industry  flourishing .

He had analyzed all words and forms most meticulously … that is he took the pains off their shoulders to look for the explanation of the form and find the meaning by themselves. Small wonder the book ran into eight editions”

(ADB). The last one 1788. – Ad II: published first 1731.

Reineccius (Großmühlingen, Anhalt-Zerbst, 1668-1752) read as associate professor old languages, theology, and philosophy at the Leipsic University since 1700 and 1721-1743 filled the headmastership of the secondary school at Weißenfels. “His scientific activity was concentrated about the bible, especially the Old Testament, the text and language of which he endeavored to determine and understand better.” The pre-Leipsic stations recorded in detail by Jöcher.

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Edouard Giradet, Rough Play

Girardet, Edouard-Henri (Neuchâtel 1819 – Versailles 1880) or Eugéne-Alexis (1853 Paris 1907). Rough Play. “The playful children just let loose from school.” Four boys treating the gang of a girl’s school with snowballs while one of the girls attacks them from behind and another one comes to blows in the middle distance. Above all in an open window the schoolmarm menacing with a stick. In the snow in the foreground several school utensils. Glazed colored lithograph at Kronheim & Co. 6¼ × 8⅝ in (15.8 × 21.9 cm). – On strong, slightly brownish paper with light foxing on the back. – See the complete description.

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Löhmann, Friedrich. (Tables of the Currency Calculation or Conversion, Division, Weight, and true Worth of those Currencies by which the Public Cashier’s Offices as the Trade Calculate; not only of the countries and commercial centres in Europe, but also for the places of the other parts of the world important for European trade; with 46656 … calculated results, from one to one million pieces … Leipsic, Joh. Ambr. Barth, 1826. In-4. XVI, 482 pp. incl. 6 folded leaves. Orig. wrappers.

(Tables  for  the  Conversion  of linear and capacity measures just as the weights and currencies … IV.) – French-German parallel text. – The French title as following:

“ Tables de monnaies de compte, ou réduction, division, poids et valeur effective des monnaies d’après lesquelles ou compte soit dans les caisses publique, soit dans le commerce, non-seulement des pays et places de commerce de l’Europe, mais encore des pays et places de commerce des autres parties du globe qui sont de quelque importance pour le commerce européen; avec 46656 résultats trés-exactement calculés, depuis un jusqu’ à un million de pièces, d’après les renseignemens qui ont été adressés à l’auteur par les gouvernemens auxquels il les avait demandés directement, et d’après les recherches qui ont été faites à Londres par ordre suprême sur les monnaies des dits pays. Calculés avec soin pour la première fois. ”

Opening sheets tidemarked, but already with the beginning of the main part (p. 7) hardly perceptible anymore, ditto the final 5-6 ll. in the binding. Several smaller tears in the white margin at the beginning and towards the end partly precautionarily backed acid-freely. The cover especially in the lower part of front and spine somewhat timemarked, yet not improper and irrespective of this a  fine , fresh  copy  of  this  particularly  in  the  original  interim  wrappers  rare  publication .

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“ Thank you Mr. Niemeyer – I will take it! … It should look very nice in my new office. Best regards ”

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