Travelled  throughout  Europe :

Stalking  the  Small  Game

with  Hamburg’s  “successful  Animal  Painter”

( Thieme-Becker )

Krüger, Eugen (Altona/Hamburg 1832 – Düsternbrook/Kiel 1876). Chalk lithographs printed with mostly beige tone plate from the FIRST EDITION of the 22 sheet set incl. title (The Hunt drawn and lithographed) (Souhart 275; Rump 40). (1861-62.) C. 9⅞ × 12⅝ in (25 × 32 cm).

Not  in  Schwerdt! – Thieme-Becker XXI, 593 + Boetticher I/2, 808 f., each with the second edition only published in 1867 as (Game and Forest). – On light cardboard. – On the back mostly slight to minimal foxing only, on the front side only isolated within the picture and then superposed by the tone plate, otherwise affecting the white margin only.

On occasion of the new edition of 1867 honoured

with  the  Prussian  Medal  for  the  Arts

the painterly suite as a whole – and all the more in its largely unknown original edition which was spread over 7 issues – is

of  outmost  rarity.

Krüger, “landscape and animal painter, also lithographer … learned lithography in Altona and in Vienna, before he turned to landscape painting … settled (after travels and studies in Dusseldorf) in Hamburg where he started his album on hunting ‘Game and Forest’, that, completed in 1867 (new edition! see above), was honoured with the Prussian Medal of the Arts”. His travels led him throughout Europe, his early death caused his work being small and thus desired. “An ‘Eugen Krüger (Memorial) Exhibition’ with works mostly in private collections … took place in Hamburg in early 1877” (Boetticher).


Eugen Krüger, Snipe Hunt

Snipe Hunt. In front at the water to attentive hounds, the birds at which one of the hunters in the reed points his gun already in view.

Offer no. 28,889 / EUR  340. / export price EUR  323. (c. US$ 390.) + shipping

Eugen Krüger, Wood Grouse Courting

Wood Grouse Courting. (Morning.) Cowered behind a rock on the hilltop the hunter points his gun at the courting capercaillie. Mountain and fir wood decoration.

Offer no. 28,891 / EUR  430. / export price EUR  409. (c. US$ 494.) + shipping

Badger Hunt with badger finder. In a misty moonlit night the latter holds a badger at bay, the three huntsmen with lantern still approaching.

Offer no. 28,892 / EUR  360. / export price EUR  342. (c. US$ 413.) + shipping

Eugen Krüger, Foxes at the Earth

Foxes at the Earth. Before the hole in thick underwood two playing young foxes while the old vixen only shows her head among the foliage.

Offer no. 28,893 / EUR  290. / export price EUR  276. (c. US$ 334.) + shipping

Fox Lodge. Winter scenery in a full moon. On the clearing a dead horse at which the fox is caught by the fire from the hut. A second one tries to get out of harm’s way.

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Eugen Krüger, Rabbit Hunt

Rabbit Hunt with the ferret. One is catched by the assistant when leaving the earth while others are caught in nets or already laid to the bag besides the pickaxe. Meanwhile the hunter reloads. On the left the cage for the ferrets.

Offer no. 28,895 / EUR  340. / export price EUR  323. (c. US$ 390.) + shipping

Eugen Krüger, Drive up to Red Deer

Drive up to Red Deer. In front at the edge of a meadow two antlers with three hinds. Far off in the background the hunting wagon suspiciously looked at.

Offer no. 28,896 / EUR  380. / export price EUR  361. (c. US$ 436.) + shipping

“ It came!  My plate [already documented as lost] was delivered and it is in excellent condition. I cannot explain all of the delays or what happened. It is in the original packaging that you described and it was delivered by DHL, not the postal service (as  far as I can tell – it was left on the porch [!!]). So thank you and so glad that this long story has such a nice ending. It was nice dealing with you, thank you for the plate! ”

(Mrs. J. C., May 8, 2010)