To the Special Events & Incidents of the New Year :

“ Rarest of all Ridinger Sets ”

(Halle, Cat. 68, Tafelwerke des 17. & 18. Jhdts., 1928, no. 339)

That is the set of the “Special Events and Incidents at the Hunt. / Accidens et Evenemens particuliers à la Chasse” etched exclusively by Johann Elias’ eldest, Martin Elias (1731 Augsburg 1780) after predominantly his father’s designs and concluded posthumously in 1779, Thienemann 343 ff., of whose 46 sheet such important Ridinger collections as the contemporary Pembroke Folios owned just 2 (!) sheet, Coppenrath 1889/90 just 33, Helbing 1900 only 43, Baron Gutmann within the Marjoribanks Folios 1905 only 45, Halle 1928 just 28, of which only “12 with full margin and fine”, counts Faber-Castell 1958 just 3 (!) sheets. And the stock of the Von Behr Collection of the House Stellichte, assumedly

purchased  directly  from  the  Ridingers  between  1768 + before  1779 ,

what was available at that moment. And that were 36 sheet plus, well thought, replacing the also still missing “Little Title Sheet”, Th. 343, the title sheet to the Wondrous, Th. 242.

This torso of throughout finest first impressions of the family of those Von Behr reaching back far into the centuries (already in 1470 enfeoffed with the water castle Stellichte) found only recently together with complete Ridinger sets after umpteen generations of first possession its way to the ridinger gallery niemeyer where it now helps to close gaps elsewhere.

Of the 37 sheet mentioned currently the following 27 sheet are still available, with the exception of the differently designed title of the Wondrous all with the Roman numbers (“If they are missing, so this indicates later impressions”, Th.) as characteristic of their first state. Their condition follows this high standard throughout, the individual notes are to be found in the respective full descriptions accessible per link. Generally the mostly left binding side with slender margin only with, however, a platemark of about 1 cm of its own.

The circumstance to be “arranged almost throughout so that always two by two harmonize with each other and form pendants, just as they have been sold in pairs, too” (Th.) is followed, however, in those cases only in which the correlation is especially close. – All titles and inscriptions in German.

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Fox’s Goose Poaching near Ludwigsburg – When I Joseph Wagner stalked in the moonlight before dawn near Ludwigsburg at an old water … 13¼ × 9⅞ in (33.5 × 25 cm). – Thienemann 344. – Sheet I.

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The Wood Grouse’s Plight near Tübingen – When I Joseph Wagner High Princely Wurttemberg gun cocker followed a shot stag on the blood in the forest near Tübingen in 1738 … 13¼ × 9¾ in (33.7 × 24.8 cm). – Thienemann 345. – Sheet II.

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Johann Elias Ridinger, The Poor Hare becomes Part of the Sun-shy Owl

Eagle Owl, Hare, Hunter – The Poor Hare becomes Part of the Sun-Shy Owl and that of the Hunter’s Barrel … 13⅞ × 9⅜ in (35.2 × 23.9 cm). – Thienemann 346; Helbing XXXIV, Arbeiten von J. E. und M. E. Ridinger, 860: RARE (1900). – The very very fine scenery as sheet III.

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Hare, Eagle, Wildcat, Hunter – Picture Unit of a Threefold Food Chain – The Poor Hare … 13⅞ × 10⅛ in (35.3 × 25.8 cm). – Thienemann 348. – Sheet V. – Rounded top.

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Johann Elias Ridinger, Couple of Stags stricken by Lightning

A Rare Scenery – Rarely Occurring, too – Black Clouds darken valley and forest … Couple of stags stricken by lightning. 13⅞ × 10¼ in (35.3 × 26.1 cm). – Thienemann 349. – In 1900 missing in Helbing’s 43-sheet stock. – Sheet VI.

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Martin Elias Ridinger, Deer (Brunswick-Bevern)Martin Elias Ridinger, Roes (Brunswick-Bevern)

With Pommerania-Stettin as Site of the Crime + Brunswick Perpetrator Profile – These Stags … Have … Augustus William Duke of Brunswick Bevern … + These Roe Bucks … have (the same) … 2 sheet. 13⅞ × 10¼ in (35.3 and 35.2 × 26 cm) resp.. – Thienemann 350/51. – Sheets VII + VIII , the latter 1889/90 missing in the 39-sheet Coppenrath stock. – Their being sold in pairs documented here, rarely that fine, by the exactly corresponding two small pinholes in the white upper margin as witnesses of their being bound together. – One of the thematically most beautifully harmonizing pendants of the set.

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Hohenlohe on the Spot Good Sport – 24 Septr. in the Year 1763 … the now governing Prince of HOHENLOHE=NEUENSTEIN LOUIS FREDERICK CHARLES have shot this stag of 18 points on the spot. Calling rutting stag with splendid head gear and with fine mane to the right in park-like landscape. Laterally right set back, charmingly instructive,

two  groups  of  trees  with  covered  shooting  stand ,

the first of which occupied by the princely huntsman and supposedly the painter as his hunting companion. After Georg Adam Eger (1727 Murrhardt 1808). 14⅛ × 10 in (35.9 × 25.3 cm). – Thienemann 352. – Sheet IX.

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“Belongs to the best in this collection” – Charles Frederick Prince of Hohenzollern Sigmaringen shoots this stag of odd 18 points 30. 7brs. 1773. so weighing complete 375. ℔ gutted 296 ℔ the ℔ à 40 Loth. Broad to the right with oak leaves in the mouth and showing his marvelous antlers. 14 × 10⅜ in (35.7 × 26.5 cm). – Thienemann 353. – Sheet X , in 1889/90 missing in the 33-sheet Coppenrath stock. – Also see the antlers drawing to this plate.

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Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen – How the Stags are Sneaked up to and Stalked in the Wallow. / The Entrance in the Deer Park. 2x good sport for Charles Frederick Prince of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen. 2 sheet. 10⅜-10½ × 14¾ in (26.5-26.7 × 37.6 cm). – Thienemann 354/55. – Sheets XI (four stags in the fire of two huntsmen) + XII , both missing in 1889/90 in Coppenrath + sheet XII additionally Helbing in 1900.

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Natural Scientific Rarities at Geislingen/Steige etc. This Stag of 14 points … so a 3 Legged, and which one has seen running about in this form for a whole year, has been shot by His High Princely Highness the governing Sir Landgrave of Hesse Darmstadt 1748. d. 12 7brs. By which chance he has lost his foot? assumedly no one will guess right away. has it been by a shot ages ago or has he broken it off on a jump. and how the creature has healed itself so specially and the other body parted from the corpse, which human helps himself that well or cure. / Ditto this fawn with three legs by nature and only the trace of a claw at the thorax had been hunted at Geißlingen (between Stuttgart + Ulm) in 1739 by Martin Bückle, forest ranger at Amstetten. Furthermore there is a second calf with lamed forelegs. All in an extensive park in front of a plateau with stoop and large fountain. Etching with engraving. 14 × 10½ in (35.7 × 26.8 cm).

To Thienemann 356. – Sheet XIII (illustration of this in Ridinger Catalogue Darmstadt, 1999, V.21). – Without the Roman number according to the denumeration on occasion of Engelbrecht’s new impressions about 1824, in the current state here with Arab no. 91 as characteristics of its use by substitution in a later new edition of the Wondrous and therefore classic proof of ideal nature of the set of the Incidents as “a kind of sequel (to the set) of the ‘Most Wondrous Deer’, … (since containing) besides true ‘special incidents’ …

also  representations  of  zoological  peculiarities

similar to the ‘Most Wondrous Deer’” (Stefan Morét). – Not provenance Von Behr.

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Johann Elias Ridinger, Poloecat surprises Geese

A Wicked Enemy has here frightened the Wild Goose; She was hidden with her breed in secure reed. She believed herself quite free of all surprises; But the polecat knows to be after her secretly. 11⅛ × 10⅜ in (28.3 × 26.4 cm). – Thienemann 357. – Sheet XIV.

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Johann Elias Ridinger, Cats attack Herons

Not only the Falcon’s Prey – Wicked is the He-Cat’s Trick … Here the Heron’s Sweat Puts out the heavily heated glow … In a mountain hollow covered by reed two herons with spread wings + he-cats each. 11 × 10⅜ in (28.1 × 26.5 cm). – Thienemann 358. – Sheet XV.

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newly available from the old estate of a nobleman

The Hunters’ and the Hounds’ Pleasure – Departure, Refreshment and Rest of Hunters + Pack(s). Four stations with 6 lines caption each on 2 sheet. 12⅝ × 8½ in (32.1 × 21.5-21.6 cm). – Thienemann 359/360. – Sheets XVI + XVII. – Image 1: “The hunter’s artful cunning here thinks about new nets … Distributes his hounds, fills his pockets full of hail and fire, to fell by this the boar …” – Image 2: “The hunter’s art here knows to reach the hare, The hounds support him with fastness, too …” – Image 3: “A clear spring … often gives … refreshment to the exhausted hunter, too, Who sometimes curses at his luck and hunt; When he has to bear patiently in wood and field and in the hottest days heat, dust, and fear.” – Image 4: “Quite grown hot by hunting and exhausted by running master and hound refresh themselves in stretched out rest …”. – The rare sujets.

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Johann Elias Ridinger, American Bison fights of Bears

“The domestic animal of the Indians so to speak” – An American Bison as he fights off the attacking bears. 10¼ × 14⅛ in (26 × 35.9 cm). – Thienemann 361. – Sheet XVIII. – The vibrant scenery from the New World !

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The Ibex is startled by a Lynx’s Cunning … / The Bad Cunning Lynx receives its Deserts … Pendants. 13½-14 × 9⅞ in (34.3-35.5 × 25.2 cm). – Thienemann 363/64. – Pair XX/XXI. – Each with quatrain in the lower margin. – Marvelous here first of all the thrilling breakneck leap flight of the ibex, instructive then its getting even with the foe: “at a rock (it presses) with its strong horns the lynx’s neck asunder.” – Not provenance Von Behr.

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Johann Elias Ridinger, Fox bringing the Goose

The one who brings the Goose – What a Wickedness It Is the Fox Commits here! Reynard the Fox, a goose by the neck, ascending a manorial outside staircase in a wood lined with rocks. 13⅜ × 9¾ in (34 × 24.6 cm). – Thienemann 365; Helbing XXXIV, 880: Very rare (1900). – Sheet XXII. – The sujet that has no equals .

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But – also the Birds’ Rage is revenged on their Enemies … Chamois pushed to death in a crevice by two large and beautifully drawn crying bearded vultures, about to lower themselves to him. 13⅜ × 9¾ in (34 × 24.8 cm). – Thienemann 366; Helbing XXXIV, 881: Very rare (1900). – Sheet XXIII.

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Johann Elias Ridinger, Ostrich against Wolf/FoxJohann Elias Ridinger, Casuar against Lynx

Ostrich + Casuar contra Wolf/Fox + Lynx – Each Fighting off Three Wolves (recte more likely jackals as equally positioned in the tales as the foxes of the Bible, Th.; identified as foxes by Weigel, too) + Lynx resp., one of the latter done. 2 sheet. 11⅞ × 9⅞ in (30.2 × 25-25.2 cm). – Thienemann 369/70; Helbing XXXIV, 885/86, the latter of which “Very  rare” (1900). – See the pen and ink drawings of 1764 in Weigel’s catalogue of 1869, Ridinger appendix, 396 + 395. – The pair XXVI/XXVII.

A rest of the original tacking thread as mark of their being joint still present on XXVII what is the more fascinating since, as said, assumedly being purchased by the prepossessors directly from the Ridingers.

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Martin Elias Ridinger, Axis Deer

The Asian or Axis Deer – On this Sheet I Have Made a Couple of Illustrations of Asian Deer which are strange to view for their orderly kind of spots … They have, however, many things in common with (fallow-deer) and our wild deer … also used to be kept in pleasure gardens by grandseigneurs … have drawn such from life 1774. Stag + deer, both with collar, that of the latter one with monogram B(D?)TOH ( HOHENLOHE ? ), in park with outside staircase, column of water etc. 13¼ × 9⅞ in (33.5 × 25 cm).

Thienemann 372; Helbing XXXIV, 888: extraordinarily rare (1900). – Missing 1889/90 in Coppenrath and Helbing marked it within his 43 with  50  Goldmark  and  thus  with  a  great  distance  to  the  gross  of the others . – Sheet XXIX.

Rare  depiction . – Martin Elias might have seen the axis all the more in a Hohenlohe park as Georg Adam Eger, acquainted to him already from the latter’s days in Darmstadt, seems to have been in service there during the 70s (cf. above sheet IX).

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Martin Elias Ridinger, Cormorant + White-tailed Eagle in Tyrol at Lake Inn

In the Tÿrol at the Lake Inn it happened as I was forest keeper there … that I met a so-called white-tailed eagle (Th.: cormorant) with its young ones of which in this moment a large bird of prey (Th.: white-tailed eagle) tried to take a young one … The forest keeper with his dog on the right among trees and shrubs, the attack/defence over the water near the lakeside, at the distant shore a church. 9⅞ × 13¼ in (25 × 33.5 cm).

Thienemann 374; Helbing XXXIV, 890: Very rare (1900). – Missing 1889/90 in Coppenrath and Helbing marked it  with  50  Goldmark  and  thus  with  great  distance  to  the  gross  of  the  other 42. – Thematically  very  beautiful  and  in  regard  of  the  place  very  rare . – Sheet XXXI.

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Martin Elias Ridinger, Swan + White-tailed Eagle at Lake Ammergau

In the Lake Ammergau in Bavaria, so a huntsman also told me, that as he aimed at a wild (whooper?) swan unexpectedly … also an especially big (white-tailed) eagle flew so to speak into the shot … The huntsman with two hounds and an already shot smaller bird at the left in a group of three trees, the fight white-tailed eagle/swan over the open water with view on the opposite lakeside. 9¾ × 13¼ in (24.7 × 33.7 cm). – Sheet XXXII.

Thienemann 375; Helbing XXXIV, 891: Very rare (1900). – Missing 1889/90 in Coppenrath and Helbing marked it in far distance to the other 42  with  80  Goldmark  as  the  second  in  height !

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Johann Elias Ridinger, World WorldJohann Elias Ridinger, Oh Oh

World World / Oh Oh – The Foxes Fetched a Banquet in the Hen-House, but at once the dogs were hunted on them … + The Night Owls Consumed a Poor Little Hare, so soon cats come along, too, and liked to get them together with the hare … An eagle owl – Thienemann comments – , sitting on a captured hare, is attacked by two cats which want to take the hare from it. Above a second owl tries to fly down and hinder the robbery. Lively wall-mighty sceneries in fine hilly water landscape (under the full moon), located each on the other lakeside of the same water. 13¼ × 9¾-9⅞ in (33.7-33.8 × 24.7-25.1 cm).

Thienemann 376 + 377 (Helbing XXXIV, 893: RARE ; 1900). – The pair XXXIII/XXXIV. – With caption, to “World World” i. a.

“ All  brave  bachelors  are  burdensome  to  the  belles ,

but  the  latter  in  their  turn  often  dangerous  to  the  former ”,

on which Thienemann remarks laconically “But how maidens and bachelors fit here Ridinger may know”.

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How Wisely God Has Distributed the Skills! The birds in the air, the animals on earth … . Two long-eared bats (Vespertilio auritus. Linn.), really big, on half the sheet size, flying in the air. One from the front, the other from behind. The foreground formed, à la Karl Wilhelm de Hamilton, the “animal still-life specialist” and court painter of the Augsburg prince-bishop in whose workshop the young Ridinger possibly has worked, by finely and largely drawn thistles with two frogs. 15⅛ × 11 in (38.3 × 28 cm).

Thienemann 378. – Sheet XXXV. – Of  also  individually  most  beautiful  image  effect  with 12-lined caption .

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Johann Elias Ridinger, Chameleons and Lizard

Extremely Rare Representation of Amphibians – That God Is Very Marvelous in All His Works the chameleon teaches … . A lot of amphibians – Thienemann describes – above (about a third of the sheet) two  chameleons  on branches, one catching a dipterous; below fine perennial plants, on these the common green lizard, a Silver-studded Blue in the mouth. Entirely à la de Hamilton as before. The scenery mountainous, high above on the right extended palace buildings. 15 × 11¼ in (38.1 × 28.5 cm).

Thienemann 379; Helbing XXXIV, 894: Very rare (1900) , marked with  50  Goldmark  and  thus  with  great  distance  to  the  gross  of  the  other 42. – Sheet XXXVI.

Thematically  extraordinarily  rare  representation – assumedly single one of Ridinger’s work – of  also  individually  most  beautiful  image  effect  with 12-lined caption .

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The Wertheim Wizard – This Portraied Marten is already 7 Years with Count Friederich Ludwig at Löwenstein Wertheim … and in such a Manner Domesticated … 1746. The marten Gertel, whose quite astonishing behavior in the home the caption lists up, ridding the white bitch Mädel of fleas. 12½ × 8⅝ in (31.6 × 21.8 cm).

Thienemann 388; Schwerdt III, 140, a; Helbing XXXIV, 905. – Sheet XXXXV. – Not provenance von Behr. – The not unsympathetically evenly minimal age tone on the recto perceptibly on the back as quite weak brownness. Both the lower corners with most minimal and small tear off resp.

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FOLLOW – without Von Behr provenance – with Thienemann 389/90 two plates “which could be reckoned conveniently to the previous collection … They are mentioned together in the lists and belong together, too”:

Johann Elias Ridinger, Wild Ducks stalked by WildcatsJohann Elias Ridinger, Wild Ducks stalked by Foxes

Wild Ducks, Stalked by Wildcats and Foxes. 2 sheet. 14⅜ × 10½-10⅝ in (36.4-36.6 × 26.8-26.9 cm). – Thienemann 389/90; Helbing XXXIV, 906 (“Small set of 2 sheet”); Coppenrath, 1889, no. 1547: Rare sheets.

Cf. the drawings in reverse from previous possession W. P. Knowles, Rotterdam and Wiesbaden (Lugt 2643), in Augsburg, Ridinger Exhibition Catalogue 1967, nos. 72 f. and Biedermann, Meisterzeichnungen des deutschen Barock, 1987, nos. 164 f. with full-page illustrations resp. There, too, the two original printing plates, before in Ridinger Catalogue Niemeyer, 1998, no. 52 with color illustration. – With 12-line caption. – Of marvelously warm-toned chiaroscuro. – See the complete description.

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