“ America  you  have  it  better ,
than  our  Continent  the  old ”

( Goethe )




In  the  New  World  in  489  copies

John Keats, Unpublished Poem

on  vellum …

and  thus  truly  worthy  of

“ this  greatest  newer  lyricist  of  England ”,

whose  timeless  poetry  Shelley  praised
in  his  dolorous  bewailing  of  the  dead  Adonais
on  occasion  of  the  early  burial  by  the  Cestius  pyramid

John Keats. Unpublished Poem To His Sister Fanny, April 1818. Manuscript facsimile with typographic transcription. Introduction by Charles C. Hurd. Boston, The Bibliophile Society, 1909. Small 4to. 22 (recte 20) pp. incl. etched title and imprint. Orig. half vellum with gilt back title. Uncut.

First  edition . – One  of  489  copies  on  vellum

John Keats, Unpublished Poem

published  exclusively  for  the  members  of  the  Boston  Bibliophile  Society

which had bought the manuscript as a present for William K. Birby shortly before.

Printed on double leaves, the pagination of which is confused: Imprint, title, and facsimile numbered inclusive, the other text exclusive of white pages. The facsimile leaves incorrectly bound at the end. – The etched title with the portrait medallions of Keats and Fanny and rich ornamentation. The imprint finely composed with the device of the Society, allegories of a bibliophile, and the imprint proper itself.

Extraordinary  bibliophile  item

worthy of this “gretest newer lyricist of England” (Laaths), who was praised by Shelly in his grieved dirge at the early burial by the Cestius Pyramid in Rome.

“ A sheet of a poem of Keats’s remains in so far nothing but a poor sheet of paper, in so far not already the simple calling of this name calls up awesome memory of holy beautiful verses we have read by him and which are so real and present to our soul … ”

(Stefan Zweig on occasion of a Keats autograph).

Binding a little loosed and minimally unfresh. The etchings waved by print, otherwise absolutely fresh. – Irrespective of its for continental standards extremely high vellum edition practically not to be found on the market.

Offer no. 13,091 / EUR  998. / export price EUR  948. (c. US$ 1146.) + shipping

… and  at  the  same  time  in  Old  Europe
in  just  2  copies

in  vellum

and on just parchment-like paper, not “on parchment” à la imprint:

Catalogue of a Ridinger Collection, no. I/II


The  Baron’s  No. I

( from  the  Austrian  Rothschild  Line )

of  the  only  two  Roman  numbered  Copies

Ridinger – von Gutmann – Schwarz, Ign(az). Katalog einer Ridinger-Sammlung (Catalogue of the Ridinger Collection of Rudolf Ritter von Gutmann.). 2 vols. Vienna, author’s edition, 1910. 4to. XX, 210; XI, 169 pp. With (within the text put on over those which were already printed along with the text as generally for the Arabic numbered copies)

numerous  mounted  illustrations


118  mounted  plates ,

6 of which in colours + 1 double full-paged .

Finely richly gilt orig. calf-vellum on 5 ribs with two dark red back-plates and equal floral ornaments with gilt lines in the free fields, even

gilt  capital  ribbons ,

twofold double line floral corner pieces at the inner and rosette in the outer square resp., all in gold, the

gilt  stamped  supralibros  of  Baron  von  Gutmann

along  with  device

Rudolf Ritter von Gutmann, Catalogue of a Ridinger collection: Copy I/II (armorial supralibros)

“ Semper  Progrediens ”

on  all  four  covers ! ,

marbled fly-leaves à la Pompadour parts of Gutmann’s legendary Marjoribanks Folios as passed through here, too, in marbled orig. slipcases lined with Moiré. Gilt edges.

Rudolf Ritter von Gutmann, Catalogue of a Ridinger Collection, no. I/II

The  inaccessibly  elitist

no.  I / II  copies

in adequate vellum volumes of beguilingly understated elegance ,

accompanied by a unique pedigree, the covering letter of 6th September 1951, with which the antiquarian bookseller Robert Alder in Bern sends the copy on behalf of Mr. von Gutmann to Mrs. Dr. Waeckerlin in Zurich.

Printed as manuscript in only 202 copies, 200 of which numbered Arabic with the illustrations printed together with the text and only bound in interim wrappers. The two Roman numbered printed on parchment-like paper only, thus not “on parchment” according to the imprint. Accessed by 6 (!) indices, this private edition is the noblest curtsey of literature to the master’s œuvre and

with  the  No.  I  of  just  two

Rudolf Ritter von Gutmann, Catalogue of a Ridinger collection: Copy I/II (dedication to his mother)

a  bibliophile  ne  plus  ultra

dedicated  by  Rudolf R. von Gutmann  “ in  loyalty  to  (his)  mother ”.

Slipcases minimally rubbed, the backs of the volumes themselves faded to a fine white, apart from that

shining  in  almost  impeccable , untouched  freshness .

Rudolf Ritter von Gutmann, Catalogue of a Ridinger collection: Copy I/II (title back-plates) Rudolf Ritter von Gutmann, Catalogue of a Ridinger collection: Copy I/II (volume back-plates)

Rudolf (1880-1966) was the 2nd son of Wilhelm Baron von Gutmann and his wife Ida, née baroness von Wodianer, whose sister Rose Anna on her part was married to Jules Porgès, one of the legendary African diamond randlords. Together with his elder brother Max they were heirs of the immense industrious and commercial assets, partly going back to the Austrian Rothschild line. Later he went to Vancouver. “About as far away from Hitler as only ever possible” (H. P. Kraus).

A part of all this intellectual and economic brightness then, it may be repeated, the present

no.  I  as  the  formerly  personal  copy  of  the  baron

in  vellum .

with the contrary to the ordinary edition obviouslymannually selected mounted illustrations. By this, however, an absolute édition de luxe for the showcase. In the togetherness with a simple one for everyday, for the immensly delightful occupation in and with the collection.

Offer no. 28,886 / price on application

… and  this  relation  of  forces  persists ,

if  staunch  Old-Europeans  like  it  or  not .

“ Many years ago I bought from you the print/litho from Mourot ‘Sophia....’ We are still very happy with this acquisition. For my collection and family history/genealogy I am looking for some very special prints … ”

(Mijnheer P. van de W., May 19, 2012)