With  such  Megalomania

already  Emperor  William  II  failed  thoroughly :

“ potential  operational  area

for  the  Federal  Armed  Forces

 is  the  whole  world ”

Dr. Peter Struck, German secretary of defense, January 13, 2004


Colored  Hunting  Adventures

from  the  Colonies  190  Years  ago

In aquatints by Matthew Dubourg (fl. London 1808-38) and others after – predominantly – Samuel Howitt (1756 – Somers Town 1822) as well as John Augustus Atkinson (London 1775 – after 1818/33 or even 1861, “excellent English painter and draughtsman living in Russia for a long time who worked wonderful pictures”, Nagler I, 179 f.) and John Heaviside Clark (probably Scotland 1771/2 – Edinburgh 1863, 1802-32 in London) from the set of the Foreign Field Sports published 1813 by Edward Orme in London in oblong formats of c. 7⅛ × 9½ in (18 × 24 cm) – Schwerdt I (1928), 177 ff.:

“ The  coloured  plates … are  fine ,

both  as  regards  draughtsmanship  and  colouring …

(The  book)  is  sure  to  increase  in  value … ”

– and here present

in  the  original  colors .

The exceedingly charming and frequently quite instructive representations each lined with multiple engraved braid.


Howitt, Bear Trap

The Bear Trap. The bear in the pit. A second one just climbing over a trunk. – (Foreign Field Sports LX.) – Two sides of the wide white margin somewhat foxed. One spot also in the clean top margin.

Offer no. 11,761 / EUR  101. (c. US$ 122.) + shipping

Clark, Bird Catching

Bird Catching from below. The dangerous hunt at the cliffs, the boat kept free from the rocks. One of the hunters just catching a colorful bird while two others on the rocks try to make more prey. All around large bird flights, on the horizon full-rigged ship. – (Foreign Field Sports LXIV.) – Clark.

Offer no. 11,762 / EUR  115. (c. US$ 139.) + shipping

Hindoo Elephant Trap

Chasse de l’Éléphant. (Hindoo Elephant Trap.) Largely bound elephant let out of the wooden trap. In front of it three already tamed ones as well as figurines. – (Foreign Field Sports XLIII.) – Impression for a French edition not provable here.

Offer no. 11,763 / EUR  107. (c. US$ 129.) + shipping

Clark, Greenland Seal Catching

Greenland Seal Catching. Before imposing icebergs a hunter amidst of a wave in his kayak raising to harpoon two seals. – (Foreign Field Sports VII.) – Clark. – On Whatman-Papier of 1811.

Offer no. 11,765 / EUR  97. (c. US$ 117.) + shipping

Hindoo Method of taming Elephants

Hindoo Method of Taming Elephants. Elephant in the taming frame in landscape with trees. – (Foreign Field Sports XXI.) – Highly instructive representation.

Offer no. 11,766 / EUR  91. (c. US$ 110.) + shipping

Howitt, Hunted Elephant

Hunted Elephant / The Elephant Killed. Climax and end of the hunt. 2 sheet.

Howitt, Elephant Killed

(Foreign Field Sports XXIIX/XXIX.) – Sheet 1 trimmed at the upper platemark (plate size 5⅝ × 10⅛ in [22 × 25.7 cm]), sheet 2 within the wide white platemark and within this with restored left upper margin corner. – Instructive also in regard of the tusks.

Offer no. 11,764 / EUR  187. (c. US$ 226.) + shipping

Atkinson, Laplanders Hunting

Laplanders Hunting. Sitting in a flat-bottomed sledge drawn by two reindeer with already a hare as prey. – (Foreign Field Sports LXIX.) – Atkinson.

Offer no. 11,767 / EUR  107. (c. US$ 129.) + shipping

Hunters + Rhinoceros

Le Rhinocéros. (Anecdote of Hunters & Rhinoceros.) Killing two horses whose riders searched rescue on trees. – (Foreign Field Sports L.) – Impression for a French edition not provable here.

Offer no. 11,768 / EUR  107. (c. US$ 129.) + shipping

Atkinson, Russian Winter Fishery

Russian Winter Fishery. Three fishermen setting up the weir-baskets at the frozen bank. On the left a wind shield. – (Foreign Field Sports XXV.) – Atkinson. – A tear extending just into the outer rim of the picture repaired by strengthening of the upper margin.

Offer no. 11,769 / EUR  117. (c. US$ 141.) + shipping

Howitt, Seaman killing Polar Bear

Seamen killing a Polar Bear. There is no chance for the bear against the seamen armed with boat-hooks and guns even though one of the two hounds will not survive the embrace. – (Foreign Field Sports XIX.)

Offer no. 11,770 / EUR  117. (c. US$ 141.) + shipping

Atkinson, Shooting a White Hare at Tornio (Finland)

Shooting a White Hare at Tornio (Finland). The falcon just swooping down upon the fugitive hare while two hunters wait in a fir-thicket before a scenery of pointed icebergs. – (Foreign Field Sports LXXIII.) – Atkinson.

Offer no. 11,775 / EUR  115. (c. US$ 139.) + shipping

Howitt, Shooting Anecdote, India, I

Shooting Anecdote(s), India. Spitting Bengal tiger under a fern, angrily barked at by the dog / Bengal tiger attacking a riding elephant. 2 sheet.

Howitt, Shooting Anecdote, India, II

(Foreign Field Sports LXXV/LXXVI.) – The wide white margin a little age-spotted here and there, sheet 2 with trace of sealing-wax in the right lower corner. – Sheet 1 on especially strong paper.

Offer no. 11,808 / EUR  204. (c. US$ 247.) + shipping

Howitt, Shooting Antelopes, India

Shooting Antelopes, India. Shot from behind the shooting cow into a herd of six antelopes. – (Foreign Field Sports XXIV.)

Offer no. 11,771 / EUR  107. (c. US$ 129.) + shipping

Howitt, Shooting Hyena

Shooting the Hyæna. From the wagon at the prey. – (Foreign Field Sports IL.) – On Whatman paper of 1811. – Right below at the periphery of the image and in the wide white margin some foxspots.

Offer no. 11,774 / EUR  101. (c. US$ 122.) + shipping

Howitt, Trap to Shoot the Bear

A Trap to Shoot the Bear. The bear in the spring-gun, stretched up high, reaching in strained expectation for the honey-pot, licking the freely running golden juice, and by this triggering the two shots. – (Foreign Field Sports XXIII.)

Offer no. 11,776 / EUR  107. (c. US$ 129.) + shipping

„ herzlichen Dank für Ihre Expertise zu dem (Hogarth-)Kupferstich. Er ist wohlbehalten angekommen. Besten Dank für die schnelle Zusendung. Gruss aus … “

(Herr F. B., 1. März 2013)