A  Hundred  Years  Independent  Norway

congratulation  from  Germany

and  thankful  remembrance

for  decades  of  work  in  Dresden

by  “till  today  greatest  landscapist  of  Norway”,

Johann  Christian  Clausen  Dahl

(Bergen 1788 – Dresden 1857, 1934 put into another grave to Bergen),

here  then

Works  by  the  Animal  Painter  Siegwald  Johannes  Dahl

(1827 Dresden 1902)

the son from the marriage with Emilie von Block, the daughter of the former custodian of the Green Vault, who dies at his birth. 1847 joint travel of father + son to Paris “to introduce (the latter) into the artist world”. 1850 this paints the father in full figure (Museum Bergen), an etched portrait follows 1854.

(Thieme-Becker VIII, 1913, 270 ff. + 274 f.)


Roebuck  in  the  Winter  Forest

Oil on panel. Inscribed: Siegwald Dahl 1880 (below right) + Siegwald Dahl, Dresden Blasewitzer Str. 1. (verso above). 21½ × 25 in (54.5 × 63.5 cm). Under 12 cm wide heavy, most richly ornamented contemp. gilt frame.

Siegwald Johannes Dahl, Roebuck in Winter Forest


Dresden, Kunstverein, 1880

(Fine Hunting Bag — Pictures of Hunting)

Dr. Hanns Simon Foundation Bitburg

January 13 – March 3, 2013


Catalog Book Fine Hunting Bag …

Pages 80, 81 (full-page color illustration) + 147

Thieme-Becker VIII, 274 f.

Allgemeines Künstler-Lexikon XX, 320

Boetticher, Malerwerke des 19. Jhdts.,

Dahl, 49 ( “Roebuck in Winter” )

The  atmospheric  picture  contemporarily  (1891)  documented  by  literature ,

donated by Dahl 1882 for the raffle of the Albert Society (Red Cross) founded in 1867 by Carola von Sachsen, wife of the Saxon king Albert von Wettin (1833-1907, daughter of the Austrian field-marshal prince Gustav Adolf von Wasa & the princess Luise von Baden), first of all especially for the wounded of the 1866 war.

Already at the age of 37 honorary member of the Dresden Academy, was pupil of his father, Johann Christian Clausen Dahl, the animal painter Joh. Frdr. Wilhelm Wegener, and 1843/45 of the Dresden Academy. „In 1851 he visited London attracted by Edwin Landseer, repeatedly Paris and especially Norway, the native country of the father, what stimulated himself to several compositions, too“ (Boetticher 1891).

„ D. is above all an animal painter, his Norwegian and German landscapes already technically not coming up to the

excellent  depictions  from  the  life  of  the  dogs , horses , roes , birds .

These genre scenes could stand comparison with those of Edwin Landseer in respect of the loving observations …

they  even  surpass  those  in  color  charm .

A not to be underestimated influence in this connection D. has excerted on an elder art companion, the ingenious Ferd. v. Rayski, with whom he annually made natural studies on the properties of their friends “

(Ernst Sigismund 1913 in Thieme-Becker).

Yet  the  eyes  of  the  buck  here

fasten to any of your view-point just as the subtle look of publicity from the advertising pillar (established in Berlin in 1855 by Mr. Litfass assisted by the circus director Renz), making its scent sheer tangibly, helping your still hunt to a rare top form of event.

The high-grade panel with the mark of quality „Tachet brevete à Paris“ pieced on by Dahl 4.5 cm all-round as not unusual

as  mark  of  creative  progress  during  the  work

and outspokenly exemplarily known of Rubens. So then also inscribed on the lower/upper separate part only. However with the geared consequence of formation of cracks in the seams, visible also on the image-side, as a result of the working wood. Other fine cracks in the lower part of the flowsheet itself unobtrusively on the surface. The state of the painting decidedly good, the yellowed old varnish took away under partly recess of the signature.

Offer no. 14,555 / price on application

Where  the  dominance  of  the  contemporary  frame

is  not  welcome  as  disturbing  the  ambience  alternatively

in timeless craft wood-frame worked in three parts after type of the firm in imitation of a self-produced one of an expressionist per

Offer no. 14,555a / price on application

Put  to  the  Carriage

Siegwald Johannes Dahl, Put to the Carriage

Young one-horse lively stepping out in slightly outlined landscape with brushwood (?) on the carriage and the Pomeranian first. Pen in black. Inscribed: S. Dahl (18)99 (pen), otherwise in German in pencil as in heading. 7 × 9 in (179 × 228 mm).

On thin cardboard. – Thieme-Becker’s estimate of his portrait drawings

„ drawings  of  partly  extraordinary  delicacy “

corresponds with the present one and following ones, too.

Offer no. 14,556 / EUR  345. / export price EUR  328. (c. US$ 397.) + shipping


Accompanies  the  Mother  at  Work

Siegwald Johannes Dahl, Accompanies Mother

Foal left-sided to the mare, harnessed alone to a two-horse milk-float, both in lively run and the Pomeranian on the box. Pen in black. Inscribed: S. Dahl (18)99 (pen), otherwise in German in pencil as in heading. 7⅛ × 9⅛ in (182 × 232 mm).

On very thin paper mounted on thin cardboard, of which the left white lower edge has loosened.

Offer no. 14,557 / EUR  370. / export price EUR  352. (c. US$ 426.) + shipping

Broken  down

Siegwald Johannes Dahl, Broken down

The cavalryman at his former horse now broken down in the harness of a two-horse carriage highly loaded with stones. Depressed old and young form the front. Pen in black. Inscribed: S. Dahl (18)99 (pen), otherwise per four-liner in German in pencil: Broken down and now recognized by the cavalryman who is sent away by the driver though! 6¾ × 8⅞ in (173 × 225 mm).

On thin cardboard. – In all parts of rich power of narration.

Offer no. 14,558 / EUR  378. / export price EUR  359. (c. US$ 434.) + shipping

Can  no  more  lie  down!

Siegwald Johannes Dahl, Cannot lie down

Two horses in the stable, the left of them cannot lie down anymore like the other. Beyond a ledge occupied by poultry a staircase leads to the heyloft. Brush with wash in black. Inscribed: S. Dahl (18)99 (brush), otherwise in pencil in German as in heading. 6⅞ × 8⅞ in (175 × 225 mm). – On thin cardboard. – Warmly felt sujet.

Offer no. 14,559 / EUR  370. / export price EUR  352. (c. US$ 426.) + shipping

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The visit with you was a pleasure and so nice to meet you in person … The advise and first pass evaluation you gave us were realistic and appreciated … ”

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