August – Sail Time


Horst Janssen, Backhuizen

Janssen, Horst (1929 Hamburg 1995). Backhuizen greets Stubbe / at June 7, 1988 Dearest old friend Wolf Stubbe – today I don’t have any inclination for A. Waterloo (-) but this from heart. Dutch pleasure yacht with swollen sails, large flag at the stern & pennant at the mast on rough seas. Laterally left of this another smaller one. On the shore tiny angler. Dry-point in blue & black. Written signature, equally in the plate and there otherwise inscribed in German as above. 9⅛ × 5⅝ in (23.1 × 14.2 cm).

Kruglewsky 97. – Dry-stamp Griffelkunst. – On Japan laid paper. – Marvelous edgy impression with fine plate tone and the full margins of 1.9-3.2 cm. – Janssen’s intimate birthday greeting for the director of the Hamburg Print Room em. and collector Wolf Stubbe (Stettin 1903 – Hamburg 1994), for whom art was indivisible and in case of doubt a “Dare something!” belonged to as Ernst Nolte recollected on occasion of the partial sale of his collection in June 2000 (H+N 348, p. 6).

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Large-sized , as fine as detailed

representation of a Dutch ship at the roadstead

Hollar, Wenceslaus (Prague 1607 – London 1677). Nauis Bellica Hollandica. Three-masted one-deck vessel with guns run out at anchor to the right. The fore-yard is lowered, on deck numerous sailors. On the right in the middle distance and background four further three-masters at anchor in pairs, far left on the horizon a fifth one under sails. Etching with engraving. Inscribed: WHollar fecit / 1647, otherwise as above. Sheet size 5⅝ × 9¼ in (14.4 × 23.4 cm).

Vaclav Hollar, Nauis Bellica Hollandica

Pennington 1266, I; Parthey 1266. – Sheet 6 of the

“ Very rare ”

and complete hardly occurring

(Davidsohn 509) 12-sheet set of Dutch ships Navivm Variæ Figuræ et Formæ of 1647, figuring even in Davidsohn’s quite remarkably comprehensive Hollar stock sold 1920 in 420 lots in a mixed copy only, and here present

in the first state before address & number .

Not in the rich Hollar part at Baron Lanna (1895) who beside a presumed copy of the title owned but two sheet of the set, one of which additionally only in the second state with the number lower right, and also missing in the 1984 Berlin exhibition catalogue enumerating only three other sheets of the set. – Cf. the drawing of three-master with lowered yards likewise at anchor to the right as frontispiece in Hollar’s Journey on the Rhine, Prague, 1965. – Large armorial watermark. – Warm-toned, evenly weakly browned impression with up to 2 mm wide paper margin around the borderline. Upper left by old hand in ink “500”. – Exceptionally desirable.

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Man-of-war of the Hansa, 17th century

Hansa in the 17th Century, Man-of-War of the. Fighting off the heavy seas, the mizzen torn to pieces, but still proud the stern with the arms with the double-headed eagle. Wood engraving by the monogramist O. H. after Gustav Schoenleber (Bietigheim 1851 – Karlsruhe 1917) for A. Cloß, Stuttgart. (1880-81.) 9¼ × 7⅛ in (23.5 × 18 cm).

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A Chart from the Age of Le Roi Soleil :

The Chart of the North Sea
from the Neptune françois
the Largest & Most Beautiful Sea Atlas

Carte de la mer d'Allemagne

d’Allemagne, Carte de la Mer, Contenant les Bancs Isles et Costes Comprises depuis Bergen et les Isles Schetland jusque au Pas de Calais. With two compass cards, 5fold longitudinal reference, and English, French, and German miles indicators. Colored chart in Mercator projection 1 : 1.55 million engraved by Herman van Loon. (Paris, Imprimerie Royale, 1693). Inscribed. 24⅛ × 33⅞ in (61.2 × 85.9 cm).

Cf. Koeman M. Mor 1, 5 & Phillips 517 & 2848. – On especially strong laid paper with large figurative & multi-lined typographic watermarks. – Isolated tiny marginal tears especially in the wide white lateral margins and pinhead-small holes at the upper margin of the chart close to the fold, all backed acid-freely. Here also a V-shaped, however, by tone & shape quite unobtrusive tidemark extending 28 cm into the subject widely following coast and compass lines (loxodrome) resp. In the lower half of the chart minor box pleats resulting from print. Otherwise of unused freshness as already Koeman states on the Neptune as such:

“ Its charts are larger and more lavishly decorated than those of any preceding book of this kind … This magnificent work was intended more as show-piece than something to be used by the pilots at sea. ”

Impression from the French original plate with the anchor mark decorated by three fleur-de-lis of the Depot des Cartes et Plans de la Marine – founded in 1720 – that took over the plates of the Neptune françois in 1751 (Lexikon der Kartographie, vol. C2, p. 734) and with the price note “trente Sols”. On the simultaneous copy by Pieter Mortier, Amsterdam, his “Faite par Ordre du Roy, à Paris 1693” appeared instead of mark and price, all later editions bear Mortier’s own address.

One of the compass cards with the sun of Louis XIV. – Standing out among the sands the Dogger Bank, but due to the numerous depth especially instructive the representation of the mud flats of North, East, and West Frisia and the sands in the Channel, the mouth of the Thames and in The Wash. – The Norwegian coast from about North Fjord on 62° northern latitude up to Oslo Fjord, the Danish coast still with Skagen and Randers in the Cattegatt. On the German side Elbe and Weser with Hamburg and Bremen & Delmenhorst resp., on the Dutch side the whole Zuyderzee and further over Zeeland including Antwerp up to Cap Gris-Nez. The English east coast from the Orkneys over Cape Strathy – Dornoch – Firth of Forth up to Stirling – the Thames up to London and the channel coast till about Hastings.

A classic chart of our waters — instructive & grandiose at the same time .

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Marvelous impression

of the large-sized , richly agitated representation

of the last encounter in the first Anglo-Dutch war

at the start of which admiral Marten Tromp was killed

Tromp – Representation of the Bloody Sea Encounter between the Dutch, and English, so lasting three days, happened in August, Anno. 1653. Exceedingly concentrated action during the battle off Scheveningen under admirals Tromp and Monck. In the foreground in the sea and in boats survivors of the sinking Pellican, in the background the coast of Egmont op Zee, Wijck op Zee, and Zandvoort. Title banner above in the sky part as well as legend banner A-T and 1-20 at the lower edge, both in German. Engraving at Merian Sons. C. 1663. 11¾ × 15¼ in (29.8 × 38.7 cm).

Naval Battle off Scheveningen 1653

Wüthrich III, 199. – From Theatrum Europaeum (1629-1718). – Lower left by old hand in brown ink “5”. – The two vertical folds in the center and on the right resp. just as also a slight box pleat at the middle one resulting from the fold largely, the dog’s ear still affecting the edge line at the right upper corner utterly smoothed out. Some few tiny tears in the white upper margin and a thin spot in the previous fold backed acid-freely. – The similar representation of the event by Visscher’s “Laeste Zee-Slacht des manhaft. Ridders M. H. Tromp” – though in reverse; cf. ills. Chatterton, Old Ship Prints, plate between pp. 70/71 – markedly compressed here.

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The Spectacular Naval Victory of August 13 , 1704

in the Battle of Málaga ?

Baston’s Burning of an Enemy Fleet
in Grey Wash on Vellum as Finest of the Finest

Baston, Thomas. Furit Imissis Vulcanus habenis, Transtra per et remos et pictas abjete puppes. Burning a fleet by fire-bombs of British ships. On the left a burning three-decker with crowned lion as figure-head. On the sea several boats, partly manned by armed marines. Pen and brown ink with grey wash on vellum. Inscribed lower right: TBaston F. 1720. as well as from Vergil’s Æneis as above. 7⅛-7½ × 11⅛ in (182-191 × 283 mm).

Baston’s very finely executed , atmosphere-rich work

to sheet 21 of the “Twenty-two Prints of several of the Capital ships of his Majesties Royal Navy with Variety of other Sea Pieces after the Drawings of T. B.” which were published “under his name after his drawings, but engraved by several artists” by T. Bowles in London in 1721 and became known in their entirety of 22 sheet to Thieme-Becker III, 27 only. Nagler I, 317 knew Baston as draughtsman and engraver, but only 9 sheet of this set which is also missing in the Scheepvaart Museum and only recently was highly paid with US$ 20,000.

With the belonging to contemporary engraving in reverse

by Elisha or Elizabeth Kirkall (inscribed: 21 / TBaston delin. / E. Kirkall Sculp., otherwise like the drawing with the addition “Vergil”. 8½ × 12½ in [21.7 × 31.7 cm]). The former (Sheffield about 1682/92 – 1742) worked the mezzotint of the royal ship “Britannia” after Baston. His wife Elizabeth (till after 1707) engraved – so Walpole – i. a. four seascapes; cf. Thieme-Becker & Nagler).

Thomas Baston, Burning of the Enemy Fleet

The drawing trimmed on three sides just outside of the borderline and only below with even lower margin of 3-4 mm. The minimal waving resulting from the warmth of the artist’s hands – cf. Meder, Handzeichnung, 169 – barely noticeable and ending in a fold within the caption only. Otherwise here and there quite negligibly rubbed in places.

The engraving in early rich impression on especially strong laid paper with great watermark fleur de lis with crown. Its extraordinarily luxurious paper margin in the outer parts to some extent time-stained and with several small tears backed acid-freely.

Of absolutely unsurpassable attraction for every collection

the confrontation of original drawing and engraving :

While in the print the flames of the burning ships appear almost concrete, the details of the ships in sharp clearness, one believes to almost feel the glittering heat in the drawing.

Such confrontation is – conditioned by the unique character of original drawings themselves as well as their often untraceableness –

an opportunity of extraordinary rarity indeed

and mandatory not only for any maritime collection .

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The Marvelous Panoramic View

Caspar Merian, Amsterdam

with Countless Ships before & in the Harbor

Amsterdam. General view with the IJ in front and countless ships before & in the harbor, of which two galleons fire salutes. With both the city’s coats of arms. Engraving printed from 2 plates at Caspar Merian (Frankfort on the Main 1627 – Walta-state in Wieuwerd, Friesland, 1686). (1654.) Inscribed as above. 8¼ × 28 in (21 × 71 cm).

With 24 object marks. – One of the most wanted ones from Merian’s Topography, here from the volume of the Netherlands published by Matthäus’ youngest son Caspar. – With the inevitable folds, otherwise very fine, wide-margined impression.

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Cadets Training :

Ship Types and Strategies of the French Navy

Ozanne, (Nicolas-Marie). Marine militaire ou recueil des differens vaisseaux qui servent a la guerre suivis des Manœuvres qui ont le plus de raport au combat ainsi qua l’ataque et la defense des ports. A. Paris. Chez l’auteur, rue S. Thomas du Louvre. la 4e. Porte Coch. à gauche en entrait par la rue S. Honoré, (1762). 4to. 2 ll. etched ornamental title and illus. armorial dedication, 50 ll. with

50 ( 1 double full-size ) full-page etchings ,

45 of which with charming ship or fleet illustration in the upper third related to the etched text and – mostly – track sketch, legend, or small vignette in the lower margin as well as 5 full-page text etchings including dedication, introduction, and plate index. H. vellum with calligraphic title “Marine Militaire a la Guerre” at the spine.

Nicolas Ozanne, Marine militaire (Frigate)Nicolas Ozanne, Marine militaire (Chasse)

Cat. Nederl. Scheepvaart Mus. 750; Cat. gen. 128, 786; Cat. Ornament Print Collection Berlin 1463; Polak 7234; Cohen-R. 778. – A later edition with the additional address “Chés J. François Chereau rue S. Jacques auec 2. Pilliers d’Or” in the lower margin of the title etching. – Typographic & figurative watermark fragments. – Dedicated to Duke Etienne-François de Choiseul (1719-1785), Lieutenant General and Secretary of War & Navy (1761-66) as well as Knight of the Golden Fleece (1761). His coat of arms surrounded by chain, crown, and royal order just as by maritime insignia as sail, flag, spar, blocks, and net. – Quite isolated plates evenly weakly browned, two quires with slight tidemark in the white lower margin. Beside of the somewhat more affected titles & dedication as well as one plate with larger light brown spot in the illustration part only here and there smaller color or brown spots and as a whole a

very fine clean copy

of this exceedingly charming textbook .

Starting with representations and descriptions of the different ships of 120, 90, 80, 74, 64, 50, 40, and 12 guns used in the navy, further incendiary ship, flute, bombing galliot, sloop, galley & galeas, brigantine, xebec, and boats.

Following this illustrating, explaining, and showing up the numerous movements of squadrons set for march, battle, pursuit or retreat, attack or defense of a harbor. Among these beside the classic frozen line the battle between ships lying side by side, breaking into the hostile line both luff and lee, depriving the enemy of the wind, forcing him to fight or avoid contact, forcing a passage, on roads, landing of troops at a bridge-head as well as general cruising orders.

And therefore covering all the tactical parts of naval warfare

cadets have to learn

for first as officers to execute the orders of the commanders ,

later then to be able to give these themselves .

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Just only for the Plenty of Illustrations

the Most Inspiring Pleasure

and the whole Book

simply a Gem of the Bookshelf

Ruyter – Blok, P(etrus). J(ohannes). Michiel Adriaanszoon de Ruyter. With large vignettes, numerous initials as well as 100 illustrations within the text and on 54 (8 double full-page, 3 small, 2 paginated with) plates. ‘s-Gravenhage, Martijnus Nijhoff, 1928. Large 4to. XX, 454 pp. Orig. cloth with detailed maritime gilt tooling and marbled fly-leaves. Yellow head edge. Two sides uncut.

Title in red & black. – Back paled, particularly the back cover quite minimally rubbed. Frontispiece & title largely browned from former inlay, but, as each comprising the complete picture and type area resp., not essentially impairing these. – Two sides with marvelously wide margins.

Especially beautiful the gilt three-masted twodekker on the front cover, further great stern light and anchor arms on the back, the personal arms formed by cross, horseman, threemaster, and canon with the device PUGNANDO on the back cover, and the knotted rope-lining.

The monumental modern monograph on the legendary admiral

(Vlissingen 1607 – Syracuse 1676) – in Dutch – , on heavy laid paper, with almost the whole contemporary illustration materials as there are portraits, charts, battles, views, documents, coats of arms, seals, etc. – Subdivided into 16 chapters, the three Anglo-Dutch wars form one crucial point, but no less detailed are the other stations of this great life, together showing the international standing of this small country in its greatest century when naval power, economy, and arts formed a perfect triad. – 10paged detailed index.

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“ … the most spectacular type
of maritime cartography ever produced ”

Carte Nouvelle des Costes de Hollande, Zeelande, Flandre, Picardie & Normandie, depuis la Brille jusques à Dieppe, auec une Partie des costes d’Angleterre, depuis l’emboucheure de la Tamise, et les Isles Voisines jusques à Brevesier, ou l’on Voit tous les Ports de Mer, Bancs des Sable & Rochers. A L’Usage des Armées de sa Majesté Britannique. Dressé sur les Memoirs les Plus Nouveaux. With

pyramidally built up , richly decorated cartouche on the right

(10⅛ × 12 in [25.8 × 30.5 cm]), presenting below the Bavarian coat of arms overarched by the electoral hat, at its sides for once Poseidon with the armed Athene as protectoress of the towns, then Mercury as patron of trade and welfare presenting the

seaside harbor and town views of Dunkirk & Calais

(3⅜ × 10¼ and 2½ × 7⅛ in [8.6 × 26.2 and 6.5 × 18 cm] resp.), and as counterweight

dedication cartouche for Maximilian II Emanuel of Bavaria

on the left (6¼ × 8¼ in [16 × 21 cm]) decorated with the cembra nut of the coat of arms of Augsburg and again Athene, but here as goddess of wisdom, and 2 puttos, one of them holding a pair of compasses and map (?), 2 compass cards and threefold miles indicator. On the water finally numerous ships partly engaged in battle. Economically colored chart engraving in Mercator projection 1 : 400,000 printed from 2 plates by Romein de Hooghe (1645-1708) for Pieter Mortier in Amsterdam. 1693 (recte not before 1694, see Koeman p. 427, col. 2). 23⅝ × 37⅜ in (60 × 94.8 cm).

Carte Nouvelle des Costes Hollande

Koeman M.Mor 5, 1. – Cf. Phillips 2835. – On buff laid paper. – On the left trimmed within the frame line touching just the latitudes there, too. On the right fine, above and below wider margin. Especially the left half with weak brown impression of the opposite side resulting from folding.

The first chart of the Atlas Maritime intended as the second part to the Neptune François published after French designs the same year by Mortier with 9 charts de Hooghe’s:

“ the most expensive sea-atlas ever published in Amsterdam

in the 17th century. Its charts are

larger and more lavishly decorated

than those of any preceding book of its kind ”

(Koeman, Atlantes Neerlandici, vol. IV, p. 424).

Besides several explanations of locally prevailing sea and tide currents the numerous sands especially within Zeeland and before Flandres and in the mouth of the Thames as well as the depths and anchoring places. Furthermore still after the model of the schetskaarten with the

depictures of all coasts .

The cartouches left completely in their deep black as applied deliberately again and again in the old colored atlases up to the legendary Atlas of the Great Elector for Charles II of England. Still today especially knowledgeable collectors consider any coloring as a sacrilege in regard of the beauty of the print itself whose contrast-rich early impression here even allows recognizing of thin text lines.

The continental coast from Zeeland with Dordrecht and Brielle over Ostend, Dunkirk, Calais till Dieppe, on the British side from the Seven Cleaves near Hastings over Rye, Dover, New Foreland over the mouth of the Thames up to Walton-on-the-Naze. The Thames itself up to Halfwegsboomen west of Detfords. Inlands up to Antwerp – Mecheln – Gent – Tourcoing – Lille – Abbeville. – And thus not just reflecting the events of those years, but also and foremost the

equally decorative as instructive chart

of just as frequented as difficult waters .

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Marvelous Impressions
“ a noted engraver of perspective views ”

Todeschi, Pietro (fl. Bologna 1670-90). Shipwreck in tempest at the coast. In each case three ships, among them two galleys, thrown by the storm on the coast. There respectively fort with tower as well as little figures being busy with the salvage of driftwood. 2 sheet. Engravings at Giuseppe Longhi (fl. Bologna about 1644-80). Inscribed: Pietro Todeschi fecc. / Giosef Longhi forma. Sheet-size 5½-5⅝ × 7⅞ in (13.9-14.3 × 20 cm).

Pietro Todeschi, Shipwreck in Tempest I

Three-sided cut on or just within the rim of the subject, below under contact of the signature within the wide white platemark. One sheet brown stippled on the back. – Splendid impressions.

Pietro Todeschi, Shipwreck in Tempest II

Todeschi – “a noted engraver of perspective views” (Library of Congress), in his circumstances almost unknown though – reengraved several maps of Dutch cartographers, among these in 1673 Blaeu’s four wall maps of the continents. – Longhi is known as publisher of Curti’s “Ad Vivum Exprimebat” of c. 1644 with 31 reverse copies after Robert’s “Variae ac multiformes florum species” as well as for a reengraving of the first edition from 1660 of Frederick de Wit’s giant wall map of the world done about 1680 together with Carlo Scotti.

Yet here then two works of own invention ,

two marines from an early great century .

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As Instructive as Decorative in Color

Orlog or Man-of-War with complete Rigging Flags & Pennants also Prow and Stern, likewise of a Boat and Sloop and other things, Representation of an. The upper part dominated by the representation of a three-master marked with numerous numbers with rigging, flags, and pennants, but without sails. At the sides lateral and front view of the bow as well as a smaller view of the stern. Further sea compass, compass card with the designations of the cardinal points, and boats at anchorage watch and weighing the anchor. In the lower quarter

Orlog or Man-of-War with complete Rigging Flags & Pennants also Prow and Stern

“ Profile of a Capital Man-of-War so carrying 96 guns ”

up to ropes, barrels, and sacks in the loads. Laterally of which ship camels and sloop & boat in plan view, profile from and back as well as graduated and reflected arc. Colored engraving. Inscribed in German as above. 7¾ × 9¼ in (19.8 × 23.4 cm).

ARCHITECTURA MARINA V. – Watermark post horn. – Above & below 0.7-0.9, laterally 2.1 and 1.3 cm resp. white margin around the platemark. Isolated small, quite feeble foxspots in the subject, only one in the right plate & paper margin a little larger. – Two vertical folds completely taken out, one invisible from the front. – INSTRUCTIVE RICH SHEET OF ADDITIONALLY VERY FINE COLOR EFFECT.

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The Dictionary of the East India Skipper

in Bibliophile French Binding

Bourdé (de Villehuet, Jacques Pierre). Manuel des Marins, ou Dictionnaire (II: Explication) des Termes de Marine. 2 vols. L’Orient, Le Jeune fils, 1773. 271; 278 pp., 1 l. errata. Contemp. delicate light-brown marbled leather vols. with gilt back and edges, marbled fly leaves, and blue bookmark ribbon. Red edges.

First edition. – Polak, Bibliographie maritime française, 1121. – In the Catalogue of the Nederlands Scheepvaartmuseum the posthumous 2nd ed. of 1799 (Polak, Supplement, 9808) only. – Printed by Imprimerie de la Veuve de Jean Nicolas Galles in Vennes. – Paled name on title of vol. I. – Vol. I, p. 270 erroneously paginated as “370”. – Boards and edges of especially vol. II little noticeably rubbed only. This also with box pleats in the wide white margin lower right from the beginning till p. 28, then again from p. 137 and a dog’s ear p. 23 upper right. Otherwise in both volumes repeatedly quite light traces of bending in the upper right corner. With exception of very isolated paper-based tiny pinhead-sized rust spots and a faint small brown spot in the text of I, 137/8

snow-white , wide-margined copy

of this rare marine dictionary

in additionally eye-flattering French binding .

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„ … Es hat mir immer Freude bereitet , Ihre sehr anspruchsvollen Ideen (JayAitchDesign) umzusetzen . Heute kann ich Ihnen sagen , daß dieses oftmals unter heftigem Herzklopfen geschehen ist ! … Ihre … “

(Buchbindermeisterin I. M. H., im Juli 2013)