« The strength of a nation derives from the integrity of the home. »


Pardon  beforehand  that this time niemeyer’s limps behind a bit for the news of the advertising housewife the European parliament wants to be prohibited was already issued in early September. But slow, doing the honors to an intellectually agile particularism absolutist like landgrave Louis VIII of Hesse-Darmstadt simply had priority here in October over opening the windows because of the most recent Podunk stink threatening to smother further freedoms.

Here  and  now  then thus freely from Marquis Posa before Philip II in inquisition-ridden Spain of the 16th century in Schiller’s Don Carlos

Give  Brussels-Europe

Johann Elias Ridinger, Mary with the Child

her  motherly  hearth  back ,

our  women  their  womanhood .

Johann Elias Ridinger (Ulm 1698 – Augsburg 1767). Mary with the Child. Mezzotint by surely Johann Jacob Ridinger (1736 Augsburg 1784). Inscribed: I. El. Ridinger excud. Aug. Vind. 24⅝ × 17⅝ in (62.6 × 44.8 cm). – Schwarz 1520 as the  ONE  AND  ONLY  PROVABLE  IN  LITERATURE  and in such a way practically an almost unique in adequately splendid state as for the old mezzotints a rarity on their own.

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To which values thus the 132 – only 110 of them with a spiny clear not-with-us – European parliamentary majority dissenters felt bound to, that the stale slop of ’68 could not be warmed up for them as dernier-cri-full-meal-delicatessen ? Or did they just recollect the death song of Duke Anton Ulrich of Brunswick-Luneburg (1633-1714), the himself practicing protector of science and arts

“ Deliver  (us)  Lord … it  is  enough !

Take  from  (us)  the  burdens ”.

May Mary thus also in future still be depicted  without Alba, Philip’s cruel satrap in Brussels, swaying his inquisitorial club, smelling prohibited housewife advertising? May also the following still be illustrated what the art of absolutist times showed unharassed as natural,

Bonnart, Femme de Qualité

the  contented  woman

Femme de qualité Dansant. Engraving by Jean-Baptiste Bonnart (? 1654 Paris 1726) at Henri Bonnart (1642 Paris 1711) in Paris. Inscribed: Chez HBonnart, rue St. Iacques au Coq, avec priuil, otherwise as above. 11 × 7⅜ in (27.9 × 18.8 cm). – Allgemeines Künstler-Lex. XII, 572 (J.-B. Bonnart). – Splendid  impression .

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at  her

James Ward, Industrious Cottagers

domestic  occupations ,

James Ward (London 1769 – Cheshunt 1859). Industrious Cottagers / Les habitantes industrieuses de la Chaumière. Women and maids spinning and making bone-laces. In front left at the window the young lady of the house. Colored mezzotint by William Ward I (1766 London 1826). Inscribed: Painted by J. Ward. Painter & Engraver to H.R.H. the Prince of Wales. / Engraved by W. Ward. / Pub. March. 2. 1801. by Messrs. Wards & Co. No. 6. Newman Street. London., otherwise as above. 19⅜ × 23¼ in (49.3 × 59.1 cm).

Grundy 515 + color plate. – Not in the Ward list in Nagler. – Title in English-French parallel text. – The numerous small repaired marginal tears reaching to or into the white plate margin here and there only. Weak foxing spots in the white lower margin. – On strong laid paper.

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Alexander Chisholm, Saturday Night

the  child  care ,

Alexander Chisholm (Elgin c. 1792/3 – Rothesay 1847). Saturday Night. The mother bathing the little son she still holds on her lap to check the water the somewhat elder daughter pours into the bowl. Steel engraving. C. 1850. 7⅝ × 5¼ in (19.5 × 13.3 cm).

MAIN  WORK  BY  CHISHOLM  (Thieme-Becker) of 1837. – Bathing scenes of this kind are quite rare.

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Hortense Vict. Lescot, Domestic Shopping

the  shopping  gossip ,

Antoinette Cécile Hortense Victoirie Lescot, named also, as here, Mme. Haudebourt L. (1784 Paris 1845). Le Marchand. Young Italian woman at the linen trader whose wife shows the wares. Lithograph by Gottfried Engelmann (1788 Muhlhouse 1839) after the drawing by Antoine Jean Weber (1797 Paris 1875) in Paris. (1823.) Inscribed: Mme. Haudebourt Lescot pinxt. / Lith: de G. Engelmann. / Weber delt., title as before. 16 ¾ × 12⅝ in (42.7 × 32.1 cm).

Nagler, Weber, 10. – One of the rarer sheets of the textile trade of also technical interests as Engelmann learned lithography directly from its inventor Senefelder in Munich and introduced it in Paris in 1816. – Some backed tears in the wide white margin.

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Caspar Netscher, Lady at the Toilet Table

at  wellness

Caspar Netscher (Heidelberg 1639 – The Hague 1684). (A Lady at the Toilet Table.) Tickling the lap-dog while the maid lies the hair. Steel engraving by Albert Henry Payne. 3rd quarter of the 19th century. Inscribed: Caspar Netscher pt. / A. H. Payne sc. / Verlag v. A. H. Payne, Leipzig., otherwise as above. 7½ × 5¼ in (19.2 × 13.2 cm).

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Quadrille Dancing

and  amusement ?

Quadrille Dancing, Moulinet – Elegances of. Colored etching. C. 1820. 9⅞ × 13¾ in (25 × 35 cm).

Amusing  dance  scene  with the address of J. Le Petit in Dublin. A pendent to this – La Poule – printed on paper of W. Pickering & Co. of 1816. The plate monogram of the draughtsman of the present sheet undeterminable.

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Voila , they  may  come . No, no, here & now to begin with once again

the  next-door  women & girls

Adolf Tidemand, Morning Visit

of  flesh  and  blood 

Adolf Tidemand (Mandal, Norway, 1814 – Kristiania 1876). (The Morning Visit.) The young woman with the still sleepy child on the lap listening to the tales of the neighbour. On the table coffee-pot and cups. Steel engraving by J. Heawood. C. 1850. Inscribed: Ad. Tidemand. / J. Heawood sc. / Druck u. Verlag d. Englischen Kunstanstalt v. A. H. Payne, Leipzig & Dresden., otherwise in German as above. 6⅜ × 6¾ in (16.3 × 17.1 cm).

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Allow  yourself  the  sight  of  them ,

Johann Elias Ridinger, The Cythera Lady

please  mind & sense ,

the female synthetics will bore you to death soon enough. So, as 504 of 636 Brussels-Europe representatives want to thrust upon you. Still some more Brussels allowed ?

Here then thus mind & sense , flesh & blood . And competent on this of course also …

Johann Elias Ridinger (Ulm 1698 – Augsburg 1767). The Cythera Lady (“Impudent but yet Gallant.”) In the background a two-master lies under sails before the coast of a mountainous landscape, Watteau’s  Cythera Ship ! Mezzotint. Inscribed: I. El. Ridinger excud. A. V. 19¼ × 14 in (48.8 × 35.4 cm).

Schwarz (1910) 1471 + plate II, XXX; Counts Faber-Castell (1958), 162.

Not in Thienemann (1856) + Stillfried (1876) and all the others specialists. Here it’s simply: Request the description or just download !

Angebots-Nr. 28.408 / price on application

Sorry , Brussels ,

Gebriel Metsu, Riboteuse Hollandoise

but  so  inspired

a  housewife’s  life  can  be .

And  yet  on  the  qui vive

For  they  already  also  had  driven  Alba  into  his  inquisitorial  holes

Gabriel Metsu (Leyden 1629 – Amsterdam 1667). La Riboteuse Hollandoise. Etching and engraving by Jean Daullé (Abbeville 1703 – Paris 1763). Inscribed: Peint par Metsu / gravé par Daullé gravr. du Roi 1761. / Du Cabinet de Monsieur Peilhon Secretaire du Roi. / A Amsterdam, chez Pierre Fouquet Junior., otherwise as above. 16⅝ × 11¾ in (42.1 × 29.7 cm).

Nagler IX, 198 + III, 283; AKL XXIV [2000], 380. – Typographic watermark. – Classified by Nagler as being one of the “most excellent works” of Daullé’s. And Véronique Meyer in AKL:

“ Both in the portrait and the genre subject, especially for etched parts, D. occasionally calls on support, in particular by his friend Johann Georg Wille, by Jacques Dumont and Georg Friedrich Schmidt … In the inventory of his estate beside drawings and books there are 81 copper plates recorded, of which Jacques-François Chéreau purchases some between 1770 and 1778 ”

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No , no , You modern ladies of the socialist hail , also here it still is impudently – updated & modified – Günter Neumann’s Insulaner, that is

crèches  are  quite  nice  and  fine ,

only  the  own  mothers  should  be  in  them .

Also  here  the  Augsburg  past  master  shows  it  the  social  improvers . By  his

Johann Elias Ridinger, The Neglected Household

Neglected  Household

Johann Elias Ridinger (Ulm 1698 – Augsburg 1767). The Neglected Household. On the left the boy fallen asleep over his food on the inclined table with the cat lapping up his mush, while the nurse cares for the baby on the right. Also in sloping position the coffee-pot on the shelf. Tome, flute + die as additional vanities. Mezzotint by Johann Jacob Ridinger (1736 Augsburg 1784). Inscribed: Ioh. Iacob Ridinger sculps. / Ioh. El. Ridinger excud. Aug. Vind., otherwise as below. 15¾ × 17⅞ in (40 × 45.3 cm).

Schwarz 1473 + plate II, XXXII; Mörgeli + Wunderlich, Über dem Grabe geboren – Kindsnöte in Medizin und Kunst (to the exhibition of the same name in the Medical-Historical Museum of the Zurich University), 2002, within (Baby Feeding), p. 196 with ills. – Not in Thienemann (1856) + Stillfried (1876) and with the exception of Baron Gutmann (Schwarz, 1910) + Counts Faber-Castell (1958) here not proven elsewhere.

Per corner mounting by old hand laid on particularly wide-margined heavy laid paper slightly browned at two outer margins. – On the right throughout, below partly with tiny paper margin, otherwise mostly trimmed to platemark. – With German-Latin quatrain:

“ The  big  boy  sleeps . The  nurse  cleans  the  child .
The  cat  eats  the  mush  as  they  are  careless.
If  one  not  always  cares  for  one’s  things;
So  someone  else  will  take  advantage  of  this  soon . ”

Ten  years  the  master  served  as  asssessor  at  the  Evangelic  Marriage  Court . There  he  could  get  insights !

The  excellent  copy  in  regard  of  printing  and  conservation

of a cultivated collection of perfectly bright chiaroscuro in all parts. And in such a manner of quite extraordinary rarity not only on the market as quoted above, but in general, too.

Offer no. 28,409 / EUR  1994. / export price EUR  1894. (c. US$ 2290.) + shipping

„ vielen Dank für die schnelle Zusendung des Buches ‚Der Ahorn‘. Ich freue mich insbesondere, weil dieses Buch mein Opa geschrieben hat und es somit für mich eine große Bedeutung hat. Viele Grüße aus Berlin “

(Frau U. C., 7. Juni 2004)