red-hot  updated
yet  just  trying  to  catch  up
with  the  gallopping  euro  rescue  billion  funds …


Only , yet  nonetheless ,

the  Squad  of  the  Upright  in  the  Coalition

when on October 26, 2011 in the German Bundestag

once  again

all  consented

Daumier, Ceci a tué cela

when  Germany’s  Public  Debts

were  leveraged

but  really  out  of  control

« The  spectacular  night  talks  of  the  EU  heads

have  produced  no  breakthrough .

The  black  financial  magic ,

by  which  now  in  Brussels  and  Frankfurt

new  money  is  cunjured  up ,

is  nothing  but  a  playing  for  time

and  the  suppression  of  a  real  solution »

Lidové Noviny

quoted from Deutschlandfunk, International Press Roundup

October 29, 2011

You  voted  for  it !

( they  were  allowed  to  vote  yet  at  least … )

Honoré Daumier (Marseille 1808 – Valmondois 1879). Ceci a tué cela. Looking up to God the lamenting figure points at the oui’s of the ballot box. Lithograph. (1870-71.) Monogrammed, inscribed. 9¾ × 7¾ in (24.6 × 19.8 cm).

Delteil 3845, III (of 4) with illustration of the 4th state; Rümann ills. 109. – Careful impression on wide-margined better paper without the text on the back and the Actualité series title, before the black spot within the “oui” above the ballot box. – From the 1870/71 cycle as

the  great  late  accord  celebrated  by  literature ,

omitting all material and “accusing in symbolic figures only …

and  in  the  broad , quite  open  and  clear  stroke

mighty  figures  tower  like  monuments …

Like  a  symbol  of  eternity  each  of  these  figures  stands …

In which Daumier once again presents himself as sculptor, though having nothing in common with the plastic style of the early years … But the ideal which once already the young man had in mind

materialized  in  an  unexpected  freedom ”

(Glaser, Graphik der Neuzeit, 1922).

Which he did not use for overdrawing disfigurement or distortion :

“ One likes to call him the great or even the greatest caricaturist. But if caricature is intentional distortion of reality then Daumier’s creations are not caricature … Because Daumier does not disfigure, does not distort, what he sees. He sees, grasps reality and his ingenious-unfailing crayon captures, for his own time and for the coming times, how the people and the conditions had been and are in reality … And so as he depicts them, so they are. So they are still today, even if they wore different skirts and hats. We recognize them today … ”

(Richard R. Pokorny in Deutsche Rundschau , vol. 84, 2 [1958], 163 ff.).

Worked for the Charivari in that technique, “as whose greatest master he has to be considered in the 19th century” (Jahn, 1957). In the stroke which has become soft and broad, missing the really deep blackness of the early years at whose place now the even light of the plain-air spreads over the presentation.

Offer no. 6,443 / EUR  343. / export price EUR  326. (c. US$ 394.) + shipping

« The  European  strategists

had  just  enjoyed  their  billion  intoxication  to  the  full

and  invented  up  to  1,400  billion  euro

for  the  rescue  of  the  common  currency

when  the  inevitable  hangover  turned  up :

These  billions  are  just  a  chimera »

Ronald Barazon

Holding out a Tin Cup

Salzburger Nachrichten

October 29, 2011

… where  this  was  sobering  enough  already —
1730  in  Merry  Old  England — 2011  in  Good  Old  Germany

“ I am so impressed by your (riding) website and the collections you offer!

I know this is a great thing to ask of you, I am hoping that in our mutual respect of equestrian heritage you will oblige … ”

(Mrs. B. F., October 24, 2007)