“ Ridinger  —  Ambassador  Mr.  Europe  in  Dark  Age

“ From the same lectern at Westminster College in Missouri at which Winston Churchill in 1946 first used the words Iron Curtain, Mikhail Gorbachev pronounced the end of the cold war:

‘ Today  democracy  must  prove

that  is  can  exist  not  only  as  the  antithesis  of  totalitarism ’

(TIME, May 18, 1992) ”

See pages X f. in

erlebnis  ridinger  1698–1998

[The Master triumphant through the Centuries
and his Friends to the 300th Anniversary]
lüder h. niemeyer, 1998

Europe ,

Carl Krüger, Winter Landscape

we  weave  your  winter  garb …

We  weave , we  weave !

free after

Heinrich Heine , The Silesian Weavers

« What  is  the  schedule

for  the  return  of  democracy

(in Europe) ? »

Janet Daley

The Daily Telegraph

November 16, 2011


« Freedom  is  a  fragile  thing

and  is  never  more  than  one  generation  away  from  extinction .

It  is  not  ours  by  inheritance ;

it  must  be  fought  for

and  defended  constantly  by  each  generation ,

for  it  comes  only  once  to  a  people .

Those  who  have  known  freedom ,

and  then  lost  it ,

have  never  known  it  again »

Ronald Reagan

“ … a  now  living  Young  Brilliant  Artist ”

(Nagler 1839)

Carl Krüger (Joh. Hch. Karl, Salzwedel 1812 – Arendsee 1880). Winter Landscape. (Pollarded) Willow stock at small water in wide plain landscape. On the left solitary small figurine, on the right arched bridge. In the air various small-seen flights of birds. Pen with grey wash with essential inclusion of paper tone and hatching of free space. Inscribed lower center with brush: C Krüger Fec. 9⅜ × 15⅞ in (239 × 402 mm).

Supposedly Boetticher, Malerwerke des 19. Jhdts. (1891 ff.) I/2, 33; Nagler, Künstler-Lexicon, VII (1839), 185; Thieme-Becker XXI (1927), 389 f. – On light cardboard. – Verso by earlier hand in pencil in German:

Carl Krüger, Winter Landscape
( Johann Heinrich Karl Krüger / b. in Salzwedel / pupil of Blechen )


Supposedly Otto Böhme (†1874), Dresden

Collection Strähnz, Leipsic

with its stamp on the back

Supposedly the Winter Landscape from the 6-sheet set of landscape pen drawings Boetticher 33 also mentioned by Thieme-Becker at then Otto Böhme and then with this

shown  at  the  Dresden  Watercolor  Saloon  1877 .

Krüger “Was pupil of the Berlin Academy under K(arl) Blechen (drawing and landscape painting) and L. Buchhorn (etching). Acted 1838/40 for the ill Blechen in the lectureship at the academy. 1841/43 study trip to Italy. 1850/72 domiciled in Dresden, later in Arendsee. Painted wood and village landscapes (mostly with human or animal accessories) whose motifs he usually took from the Harz Mountains or the March. In older Berlin collections paintings by him occurred frequently … Further emphasized shall be … 6 pen drawings with landscape motifs were in the former Coll. Otto Böhme (†1874). K. was represented 1828-48 on the Berlin and 1860-71 on the Dresden academic art exhibitions … Etchings after landscapes by Wahle, Schinkel, Loutherbourg, and Dujardin (Boett. also Jacob van Ruisdael) …” (Thieme-Becker).

Notable the ultimate missing of said accessories in present work edged by line of wash, whose quite special charm determined by great, however bright silence reminds of Blechen, but also C. D. Friedrich and calls Nagler’s connoisseurship into the witness stand, who attested the then just 27-year-old – who exhibited famously already since being 16 years old, see above – (to be)

“ a  now  living  young  genius  artist

… 1836 one could already hope of this artist that he would come to great accomplishment. Already then he moved with great

freedom ”.

Offer no. 15,533 / sold

“ Paul  Gauguin

was  once  visited  by  a  critic

who , having  responded  enthusiastically  to  his  paintings ,

then  asked  to  see  his  drawings .

Gauguin  retorted  with  great  indignation :

‘My  drawings ? Never !

They  are  my  letters , my  secrets ! ’

Drawings  have  always  been  cherished

like  jewels ,

generally  only  to  be  admired

by  a  select  few ”

Wim Pijbes


European Master Drawings from Belgian Collections

Catalog of the 2002 Rotterdam Exhibition

„ Ich habe die letzten Tage auf Ihrer Website gestöbert, weil sie dem Uhu und anderen Eulen viel Platz gewidmet haben … Da haben Sie mir eine tolle Nachricht geschickt. Ich freue mich auf Ihre Post … Der Inhalt Ihrer Eulenbroschüre ist äußerst gelungen … (Da) haben Sie mir ein schönes vorweihnachtliches Geschenk gemacht! “

(Herr A. O., 19. November/19. December 2015)