Where  it  runs  to  what  runs  off


Dear  Euroland , no  fear  be  thine …

Gullible  Fritz


though  lampooned

stands  up  for

« Art

must  be  objectionable ;


must  make  one  think »

Sic  transit  gloria  mundi

Zeus' Eagle

Zeus’ Bird of Victory


Where  Reason

needs  no  Oracle

Seutter, Peloponnesus

With  Delphi  and , indeed , Athens

Peloponnesus  hodie  Morea

ad normam veterum et recentiorum mappar.
accuratissime adornata æri incisa et venalis exposita.

The title-cartouche showing i. a. the victorious Venetian lion of San Marco with the raised sword fighting the Turks. Colored Peloponnesus map engraving by Matthäus Seutter I (1678-1757) in Augsburg. 19¼ × 22½ in (48.9 × 57.3 cm).

With double full-page separate  Local  Index listing also “ Cithera ” , in larger letters as hallmark of its importance , on the map represented in detail below right, laterally named “Cerigo ot. Cithera” and inside the isle itself “Cerigo Ins.”.

« Quousque  tandem  abutere ,

Catiline ,

patientia  nostra ? »

Cicero 63 B.C.

as prelude of his first oration against Catiline

« How  long ,

O  Catiline ,

will  you  abuse  our  patience ? »

From the Seutter edition Vienna 1736. – Cartouche in black & white. – With the offshore islands, still with Delphi & Athens . –  Rare  detail  map , not least in respect of the anchoring places entered in the Gulf of Zonchio and at Sapienza & Cabrera as well as the numerous dates of constant change of possession, reflecting the eventful history of cities situated in the orbit of both the Venetian naval power and the Turkish empire. In the north with the complete Gulf of Lepanto as the scene of the last galley battle. And then, of course, with

“ Cerigo , the  old  Cythera — hallowed  to  Aphrodite ,

since here the goddess should have gone ashore. Her cult just as that of Adonis spread from here over the (Greek) mainland … Cerigo passed for the key of Peloponnesus “ (Meyers).

But immortality it won by Watteau’s enchanting Cythera group. See to this Ridinger’s “The Cythera Lady”, too.

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Seutter, Italy

o  tempora , o  mores

Nova  et  Exactissima  Totius  Italiæ  Sardiniæ  et  Corsicæ  Delineatio

With figurative large title and miles indicator cartouches, the former with the papal insignia. Colored map engraving as above, therefore also with double full-page separate Local Index. – White lower corner added. The slightly brittle centerfold already backed by the publisher. – With Dalmatian coast, central & northern Sicily, the Riviera.

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« The  more  the  star

of  the  empire

formed  by  Charles V

set ,

all  the  more  pleasure

the  pious  king  (Philip IV)

received  by  painting :

many  hours  he  spent  therewith

to  hang  up

his  marvelous  collection  of  paintings »

Marc Fumaroli



(Art , Power and Politics)

Ed. by Hilliard Todd Goldfarb

Ghent 2002 , page 31


Seutter, Spain & Portugal

With miles indicator and a large potentate title-cartouche. Colored map engraving – particularly after Rodrigo Mendez Sylva’s map of 1730 – as before, therefore also with double full-page separate Local Index.

The Iberian Peninsula , therefore also PORTUGAL , together with Balearic Islands , South France , the Moroccan coast .

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niemeyer’s — where  diligence  is  a  matter  of  temper


Seutter, Portugal & Brazil

et  Algabriæ  Regna

cum … Mappa  Brasiliæ  Regnum  in  America  Meredionali

With compass card, miles indicator, list of conventional signs, splendid title-cartouche (9⅝ × 10¼ in [24.5 × 26 cm]) with the coats of arms of both, naval review, Poseidon,

the  potentate  pointing  at  a  cornucopia  of  money  ( sic ! ) ,

garland of vine and fruit as well as text pedestal, explaining Portugal’s international possessions. Besides

with  detail  map  of  Brazil  ( 8⅛ × 8⅛ in / 20.5 × 20.5 cm )

–  “ Europe  has  infinitely  more  tradition

and  less  future .

Brazil  less  past

and  more  future ”

(Stefan Zweig, Brazil. A Land of the Future, 1941)  –

with  own  decorated  title-cartouche .

Colored map engraving as above, here the with its double full-page separate Local Index for both Portugal and Brazil . Again also with the cartouches left in black & white as largely typical of the time right up to the Mauritius Atlas for the Grand Elector, the gift of John Maurice of Nassau-Siegen, the “Brazilian”. – In Europe up to Gibraltar , Málaga – Valladolid .

With  Portuguese  Road  Net .

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