250  Years

Treaty  of  Hubertusburg

by  which  on

15 February 1763

the  Seven  Years’  War  ended


a  Global  Conflict  of  Modern  Dimension

found  its  Conclusion

Preceded the year before after czarina Elizaveta had passed away by Russia’s withdrawal from the Grand Coalition against Prussia and the Treaty of St. Petersburg under the new czar Peter III, followed by the Treaty of Hamburg with Sweden the same year and – some days before on February 10 – the Treaty of Paris, in which France had to cede her possessions in North America and India to Great Britain. And

“ Although Frederick (the Great) not only had stood his ground, but in some sense could be considered victor, he demanded nothing from his opponents but their readiness for peace …

And  so  on  15 February 1763

Prussia , Austria  and  Saxony  made  the  peace  at  Hubertusburg ,

according  to  which

everything  remained  as  it  had  been  before  the  war ”

(Eberhard Orthbandt, [German History], 1954, p. 604).

« He  had  not  gained  anything  tangible …

But  Prussia  stood , not  one  village  had  she  lost ,

Silesia  was  kept  and

the  object  of  the  grand  coalition  utterly  missed .

That  was  a  severe  humiliation  of  the  continent

by  this  one  man »

Thomas Mann

(Frederick and the Grand Coalition

A Sketch for the Day and the Hour)


The  peace

yet  did  not  apply  to

Ridinger, White Badger

This  Very  Rare  White  Badger

which  was  speckled

with  yellow  reddish  and  dark  chestnut  spots .

“Dug out and hounded in the Park at St. Hubertusburg (near Leipsic) the 5th October in the year 1724” already, Martin Elias Ridinger (1731 Augsburg 1780), however, etched him from his father Johann Elias’ (Ulm 1698 – Augsburg 1767) design in


as  a  memorial  to  the  conclusion  of  peace

at the splendid hunting seat there, raised by Augustus the Strong for crown prince Frederick Augustus and completed just in 1724, ransacked during the war in retaliation for the destruction of Charlottenburg (Berlin), by which

a  global  conflict  of  modern  dimension

found  its  conclusion

and  Prussia  was  established  as  European  power :

“ So this cruel war ended, which threatened to devastate Europe: without that one power, Great Britain excepted, extended in the least the limits of its domination. The treaty between France and England was only signed some days sooner than that of Hubertusburg. France lost by it her most principal possessions in America. The English restored to them Martinique, Guadeloupe, the fort Belle=Isle, and Pondicherry; and France restored Minorca to the English …

Who could foresee, or just even imagine, that Prussia, attacked by the powers of Austria, Russia, France, Sweden, and all the Holy Roman Empire, should withstand a league so formidable, and in a war, wherein everything predicted its ruin, should lose not the least of her possessions? Who could have expected, that France with her intrinsic strength, with her grand alliances, with so many resources, should lose her most principal possessions in East India, and fall the victim of that war? All these facts must have appeared incredible in the year 1757 ”

(Frederick II, History of the Seven Years’ War, Berlin 1788, pt. II, pp. 357 f.).

By the Hubertusburg badger, however, Martin Elias at the same time revived the series of the Most Wondrous Deer and other Animals practically petered out lastly during the years of war, to further it substantially to its posthumous completion 1768. So of the set’s final 27 sheet, including the present one, 21 have been worked in copper by Martin Elias and only six anymore by the father. Those following the badger – sheet 74 (Thienemann 316) of the series – likewise etched by Martin Elias and concerning events from 1763, therefore allowing for the chronologically general classification of the present one, too.

Marvelous impression rich in contrast and a warm tone on buff laid paper. On the back marginal tape around from previous framing and a corresponding light streak on the front in the 2.8-5.1 cm wide white margin. Small backed tear lower left.

Offer no. 13,222 / EUR  654. / export price EUR  621. (c. US$ 751.) + shipping

« We  all  must  take  comfort  from  that ,

that  our  century  forms  an  epoch  of  world  history

and  that  we  have  been  witnesses  of  events

as  the  change  of  things  has  not  caused

in  such  an  extraordinary  manner  for  a  long  time .

That  means  much  for  our  curiosity ,

but  nothing  for  our  fortune »

Frederick II

during the Seven Years’ War

to his favorite sister, Henriette, Margravine of Bayreuth

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