Spring  Awakening

Lovis Corinth, Venuswagen
Lovis Corinth for Schiller’s Venuswagen in the Stinnes copy
that is the No. I/XL of the édition de luxe in red morocco

« And  it  becomes  possible  for  a  Shaw  to  say

‹ that  unless  Woman  repudiates  her  womanliness ,

her  duty  to  her  husband ,

to  her  children ,

to  society …

and  to  everyone

but  herself ,

she  cannot  emancipate  herself › »

George Bernard Shaw , The Quintessence of Ibsen ,

quoted from

Oswald Spengler , The Decline of the West ,

translated by Charles Francis Atkinson ,

vol. II , 1928 , page 105 ,

read on recent New Year’s Eve .

Also all further quotations from the 4th chapter there ,

Cities and Peoples – The Soul of the City , section 5 , pages 96 ff.

Should  by  any  chance

Adolf Tidemand, Morning Visit

Adolf Tidemand

Mandal, Norway, 1814 – Kristiania 1876

The Morning Visit

Steel engraving by J. Heawood. C. 1850. 6⅜ × 6¾ in (16.3 × 17.1 cm).

Offer no. 14,171 / EUR  40. (c. US$ 48.) + shipping

our  women  be  born  for  this ?!

« The  ‹quiverful› ,

which  was  still  an  honourable  enough  spectacle

in  the  days  of  Werther ,

becomes  something  rather  provincial …

At  this  level

all  Civilizations  enter  upon  a  stage ,

which  lasts  for  centuries ,

of  appalling  depopulation »

Family  of  Roes

Ridinger, Family of Roes

Johann  Elias  Ridinger

Ulm 1698 – Augsburg 1767

Etching with engraving. (1736.) 13½ × 16½ in (34.4 × 41.9 cm).

Thienemann 214. – Plate 19 of the STUDY OF THE WILD ANIMALS
with the caption of the Hamburg pope of poets, jurist & senator,
yet foremost friend of Ridinger’s
Barthold Heinrich Brockes (1680-1747).

Offer no. 15,497 / EUR  1100. / export price EUR  1045. (c. US$ 1263.) + shipping

Or  instead  of  Self-actualization

Chisholm, Saturday Night

Alexander  Chisholm

Elgin c. 1792/3 – Rothesay 1847

Saturday  Night

Steel engraving. C. 1850. 7⅝ × 5¼ in (19.5 × 13.3 cm).

Major  work  of  Chisholm’s  (Thieme-Becker) from 1837. – Bathing scenes of this kind are quite rare.

Offer no. 5,996 / EUR  50. (c. US$ 60.) + shipping


give  warmth  and  security ?!

« And  at  that  point , too ,

in  Buddhist  India  as  in  Babylon ,

in  Rome

as  in  our  own  cities ,

a  man’s  choice  of … his  own

‹companion  for  life›

becomes  a  problem  of  mentalities . »

Fox  Parents , defending  their  Young

Ridinger, Family of Foxes

against  grasps  of  their  kind

Ridinger as above , 13½ × 16⅜ in (34.4 × 41.7 cm). – Thienemann 218. – Plate 23 of the set.

Offer no. 15,495 / EUR  980. / export price EUR  931. (c. US$ 1125.) + shipping

« The  abundant  proliferation

of  primitive  peoples  is  a

natural  phenomenon ,

which  is  not  even  thought  about …

The  Imperium  enjoys  the  completest  peace ;

it  was  rich  and  highly  developed ;

it  was  well  organized ;

and  it  possessed  in  its  emperors

from  Nerva  to  Marcus Aurelius  a  series  of  rulers

as  the  Cæsarism

of  no  other  Civilization  can  show .

And  yet

the  population  dwindled , quickly  and  wholesale .

The  desperate  marriage-and-children  laws  of  Augustus —

amongst  them  the  Lex de maritandis ordinibus

which  dismayed  Roman  society

more  than  the  destruction  of  Varus’s  legions —

the  wholesale  adoptions ,

the  incessant  plantation  of  soldiers  of  barbarian  origin

to  fill  the  depleted  country-side ,

the  immense  food-charities

of  Nerva  and  Trajan ,

for  the  children  of  poor  parents —

nothing  availed  to  check  the  process . »

« The  peasant

and  every  primitive  man

Wischebrink, Domestic Joy

Franz  Wischebrink

Burgsteinfurt 1818 – Dusseldorf 1884

Domestic Joy — Felicità Domestica

Steel engraving by Schuler. C. 1850. 6⅛ × 6⅜ in (15.5 × 16.2 cm).

Offer no. 14,308 / EUR  50. (c. US$ 60.) + shipping


the  mother  of  his  children . »

« I  watched  you  with  that  baby ,

that  other  woman’s  baby .

You  looked , well …

well  I  still  got  a  ranch  across  the  border .

It’s  a  nice  place … there’s  a  cabin  half  built .

A  man  could  live  there  and  a  woman … »

« But  you  don’t  know  me . You  don’t  know  who  I  am . »

« I  know  all  I  want  to  know . »

Ringo the Kid and Miss Dallas


John Ford’s Stagecoach (1939)

And  forms

“ The  most  important  factor  in

the  children’s  intellectual  and  moral  development

… the  parents’  life ”

Wilhelm von Gutmann (1826-1895)

Austrian tycoon

with  excellently  flourishing  sons  Max  and  Rudolf

(the catalog of the latter’s Ridinger collection [Schwarz] & Hunt Expedition in 1909 in excellent offer here) in Of my Life, 1891

« And  then ,

when  Being  is  sufficiently  uprooted

and  Waking-Being  sufficiently  strained ,

there  suddenly  emerges  into  the  bright  light  of  history

a  phenomenon

that  has  long  been  preparing  itself  underground

and  now  steps  forward

to  make  an  end  of  the  drama —

the  sterility  of  civilized  man

When  the  ordinary  thought

of  a  highly  cultivated  people

begins  to  regard

‹ having  children ›

as  a  question  of  pro’s  and  con’s ,

the  great  turning-point  has  come .

For  Nature  knows  nothing  of  pro  and  con . »

Ridinger, Wild Sow with her Young Ones

Ridinger as above , 13½ × 16¾ in (34.4 × 42.6 cm). – Thienemann 208. – Plate 13 of the set.

Offer no. 15,586 / EUR  1150. / export price EUR  1093. (c. US$ 1321.) + shipping

Render  unto  the  State

the  Things  which  are  the  State’s ?

show  your  children , now  hand  them  over


Mirror , Mirror

on  the  Wall …


is  the  killer

in  Merkel’s  Germany .

Charles B. Lawrence, Mother & Child

Charles  B.  Lawrence

Bordentown c. 1790 – Philadelphia 1864

Mother & Child

Aquatint with engraving by John Sartain
(London 1808 – Philadelphia 1897). Subject size 5¼ × 3½ in (13.5 × 8.9 cm).

Sartain, first active in London and settling down in Philadelphia in 1830, is regarded as

“ the  pioneer  of  mezzotint  engraving  in  America ”

(Hugh Chisholm, Encyclopedia Britannica, 11th ed., XXIII [1911]). – Three sides trimmed within the wide, top and left feebly brownspotted white platemark.

Offer no. 14,516 / EUR  82. (c. US$ 99.) + shipping

And  if , indeed , and  if …

« Also , since  long  the  repressive  tolerance  is  about

to  eat  her  children — if  they  still  are .

On  Saint  Peter’s  Square

there  is  one  speaking  from  heart  to  heart :

‹ Only  (s)he  who  serves  with  love

knows  to  watch  over › »

Daniel Deckers, Pope Francis: Strength and Tenderness

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, March 19, 2013

even  this  has  been  thought  since  long

William Hogarth, Retort-made Human
Detail: retort-made human
William Hogarth, Hudibras beats Sidrophel
lower  left , nicely  hidden ,


Retort-made  Human

from  the

artificial  womb

Hudibras beats Sidrophel and his man Whacum. Hudibras at the astrologer & alchemist. The knight, an English Don Quichote, raising hell in a world strange to him, meeting a courageous magician and his frightened assistant.

But  also  witnesses  of  the  past & … the  future

as there are a human skeleton from which an owl looks down, and a little human produced in a retort. Besides folios & reptiles nautical equipment as Jacob’s baton, quadrant, St. Barbara’s light, telescope, charts & globes. Come to spy out his chances of marriage to a rich widow the result induced him to blast it all. Engraving. (1726.) Inscribed: 8 / Wm. Hogarth Inven. et Sculp., otherwise as above + 4 six-lined stanzas as caption. 10⅞ × 14⅛ in (27.5 × 35.8 cm).

Hudibras VIII. – Nagler 10-8; Hogarth Catalog Zurich, 1983, ills. 8. – Impression on strong paper from the plate retouched by the royal engraver James Heath (1757 London 1834) about 1822 (“Even these impressions have become relatively rare today though”, Art Gallery Esslingen 1970; and Meyers Konv.-Lex., 4th ed., VIII [1888], 625: “A fine edition”, esteemed also already by contemporary collectors of the rank of for instance an A. T. Stewart [Catalog of the Stewart Collection, New York 1887, 1221, “fine plates”]).

The Hudibras set – Thieme-Becker judge – is “of decisive significance for Hogarth’s development. Here  lies  the  key  to  the  understanding  of  the  satirist  H. ” (Thieme-Becker XVII [1924], 300/II).

Offer no. 4,713 / EUR  240. (c. US$ 290.) + shipping


Yet  more  policy-making  power  practicing  should  be …

a  dusting  of  sect. 6 Basic Law

protecting  Marriage  (sic!)  and  Family

Ridinger, Adoration of the Shepherds

and  that  not  just  as  Christmas  Eve  Drug

Johann Elias & Johann Jacob Ridinger

Mezzotint after supposedly Johann Georg Bergmüller. 24⅞ × 17½ in (63.2 × 44.5 cm).

As unknown/unattainable to Thienemann as to all important Ridinger collections documented here since 1838 with the exception of Baron Gutmann’s
(Schwarz 1486; 1910).

With Spectacular Prospect of the Fulfillment of Good Friday

Offer no. 15,260 / price on application

„ Das Bild ist heute zu meiner vollsten Zufriedenheit eingetroffen … Für die reibungslose und prompte Lieferung dankend, verbleibt mit den besten Endjahreswünschen, freundlichst Ihr … “

(Herr K. v. F., 16. Dezember 2008)