niemeyer’s wishes
all his friends and expectant ones
an in every respect
Sparkling New Year

Wherever your pulse beats more rapidly , you take a bath in the crowd jerking with experience , may it be on Piccadilly , Times Square , Bloor Street/Yonge Street , Nevsky Prospect , Shibuya Crossing , Nanjing Road , Park Street , George Street , Blvd. St-Germain , Mönckebergstraße/Jungfernstieg , Kurfürstendamm/Tauentzien, Kärntner Straße or , why , indeed , indeed , Sonnenstraße/Stachus .

The eternal melody of the city

it is which rushes towards you. Now here and now no different than in the past in Baghdad , that “first world-city of the new Civilization” (Spengler) or even a paltry umpteen thousand years before in the splendid Babylon as – aiming at Rome and its Empire – the Great Whore of the Revelation .

The melody of life plain and simple ,

the melody of the wind , promising spring , caressing summerly , raging in autumn , crystal in winter , the melody of the sea , evenly rushing , sparkling with spray …

Sixty years ago Heckendorf’s palette spit all this impastoed onto the wood. To serve sixty years later niemeyer’s as greeting to you , garnished with all good wishes , the first of which shall be

keep well and fit , then you will master 2015 , too ,

varying the former greeting of a schoolmarm summing the highs and lows of the melody of her life , gratefully commemorating not least her mental vigor staying downright youthful as owed to lifelong , life-filling immersing into her collection . What did she want more ! What do you want more ! “Collectors are happy people” (Goethe) ! And so

the “Secret Rejoicing” of Art ,

its “rose-entwined scepter” (both Thomas Mann referring to Munich) , shall be your smiling companions in the new year, too .



« The city-life as such emerges …

and at once the spell of personal freedom

begins to operate …

There sets in a sort of passion for becoming urban »

Spengler II (1928) , page 354 , emphasis in the original

Fascination Sea of Lights Metropolis

Franz Heckendorf, Sea of Lights Metropolis

Franz Heckendorf

Berlin 1888 – Munich 1962

Munich – Stachus (Karlsplatz) with Sonnenstraße

Oil on fiberboard. 1955. 27½ × 35⅜ in (70 × 90 cm).

And in such a manner then …

Giorgio Ghisi, Orion carries Diana (detail)
into 2015

Giorgio Ghisi

1520 Mantua 1582

The Hunter Orion carries the Tutelary Goddess Artemis/Diana

Engraving. 1556. 14¼ × 10 in (36.2 × 25.3 cm).

And in its dynamic

of pacing forward , the expectation of experience ,

in short , the self-certitude of antiquity ,

quite in thematic contrast to Hubert

as the Christian doubtful about his doings

„ soeben wurde die (Ridinger-)Gams zugestellt - unversehrt. Herzlichen Dank für die prompte und professionelle Abwicklung “

(Herr G. R., 29. Juli 2016)