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Michael Clasen , Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung , February 1 , 2020

“ He never rode off any Field
Georg Philipp Rugendas, John Churchill Duke of Marlborough (detail)
except as Victor ”

Winston S. Churchill
Marlborough, His Life and Times
Chicago 2002, vol. I, pp. 15-17

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took it up with the Brussels »Gentle Monster«


» While in the Arab world

the people rise

and cry for

self-determination and democracy ,

Europe descends into a dictatorship .

Her democratic traditions

are hollowed out and destroyed ,

her citizens harassed and nannied «

Hubert Spiegel

Bureaucracy eats Her Citizens

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, March 18, 2011

John Churchill
Duke of Marlborough

Georg Philipp Rugendas, John Churchill Duke of Marlborough

1650 – 1722

as, together with Prince Eugene, victor of Blenheim-Höchstedt,
who “gave the Spanish War of Succession a decisive turn”.

Mezzotint by Georg Philipp Rugendas I (1666 Augsburg 1742). (1713/14.) Inscribed: Georg Philipp Rugendas inv. et fec. Aug. V., otherwise as the caption. 18½ × 14¼ in (46.9 × 36.2 cm).

Teuscher 58; Stillfried 282; Nagler 10. – Pen-and-ink drawing with wash in the same direction, 16⅞ × 14⅝ in (428 × 370 mm), in the Witt Collection of the Courtauld Institute Galleries in London.

The copy of the portrait collection
father & son von Roemer
as Saxon family through 600 years

which in 1871 devolved upon today’s Museum of Fine Arts Leipsic and in 1924 apparently was sold by this in its entirety (not only the duplicates as Lugt notes; cf. Boerner, sale 142). Recto lower right its inventory stamp “Staedtisches Museum zu Leipzig” (Lugt 1669e), verso the removal stamp “Abgegeben v. Museum d. b. K. Leipzig” (L. 1669f).

Trimmed close to the platemark, in places on this itself and on the right on 3.5 cm on the edge of the subject. – Mounted by old on laid paper the margins of which have been laminated on the front frame-like with grey-bluish paper. The image itself braid with black surrounding line.

Very fine, highly nuanced impression of rich chiaroscuro and adequate preservation to the grand 6-sheet

set of illustrious princes on horseback

on galloping white horses with the marshal’s baton in the right

by the great Rugendas himself. Complete here not provable in literature anymore Andrea Teuscher states per no. 56 “c. 8 ll.” though she can describe six only (53-58). For the one she carries as 59 as “additional leaf” belongs neither stylistically nor in regard of size and caption to the set, would even be a repetition of the set-conforming portrait of Eugene T. 55. Insofar she follows Stillfried’s error who incorporated it per 281 into the set not knowing it as Nagler neither. Also her quotation of Boerner there is unfounded as equally referring to 55 and regarding St. 281 (T. 59/Nagler 8) as reproduction.

Georgivs Phillippvs Rvgendas Avgvstanvs (I)

“ … beyond doubt
a first rate talent, for not to say a genius.
Doubtless, set into better circumstances,
e. g. living in the Netherlands about 1650,
he would have become an artist
who would have surpassed all his horse and battle competitors . ”

Wilhelm Schmidt
in Allgemeine Deutsche Biographie XXIX [1889] , page 600 .

Created adequately by him, still 300 years later the synergy of standards setting personal bravery of the on this level of command rare friends Marlborough/Eugene is commemorated. So, when on occasion of the Prince Henry exhibition at Rheinsberg Eberhard Straub speaks of

Frederick the Great’s “military audaciousnesses

in the tradition of Prince Eugene and the Duke of Marlborough”

(Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung August 12, 2002).

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