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Alexander Campaign
“ Greatest Campaign of Conquest of all Times ”

Charles Le Brun, Battle of Arbella (Detail)

Charles Le Brun 1619 Paris 1690

The Battle of Arbella (Detail)

Alexander the Great below the victorious eagle in the Battle of Arbella. On the left the Seer Aristander. Etching with engraving by Girard Audran (Lyon 1640 – Paris 1703). 28⅛-28⅜ × 62⅝ in (71.3-72 × 159.2 cm).

“ The incomparable superiority
of Alexander’s art of war … ” (Theodor Birt 1918)

“ a wondrous paroxysm , a dream
which conjured up the Homeric ages
from the grave ”

Oswald Spengler