Alexandre Calamé

Vevey 1810 – Mentone 1864

“ The overwhelming power of nature, may it be peaceful or destructive, is the motif of C.’s painting, in which he depicts i. a. mountainscapes, lakes and plateaus … Rodelphe Toepfer saw in C. the master of the Alpine painting. C.’s manner of painting is influenced by the Netherlandish masters, especially Jacob Isaakszoon van Ruisdael and Meindert Hobbema ”

Valentina Anker, Allgemeines Künstler-Lexikon XV (1997), 545

“ … Thank you again for your considered thoughts. I am interested in the ‘Clara’ piece.  Please describe the process for completing a transaction for #15,275 ”

(Mr. M. P., December 8, 2008)