Georges Desmarées

des Marées; Gimo (Uppland/Sweden) 1697 – Munich 1776

“ (O)utstanding especially by his use of colors … (Desmarées) is regarded as the most important portrait painter of German rococo ”

“ The tonal values of the material qualities and the direction of light occasionally show almost impressionistic traits and remain mostly unmatched by contemporaries … The full extent of D.s œuvre can hardly be assessed since much in Southern German private estate has not been researched yet … Beside Antoine Pesne and Louis de Silvestre D. belongs to the typical foreign court painters, but takes a leading position particularly acknowledged by contemp. literature ”

(Laurentius Koch in Neue Deutsche Biographie XVI [1990], pp. 143 ff. [online version] and Allgemeines Künstlerlexikon XXVI [2000], p. 393, resp.).

„ als passionierte Reiterin sind Bilder Ridingers ein Muß! “

(Frau G. G., 9. Januar 2012)