Johannes Gehrts

St. Pauli/Hamburg 1855 – Dusseldorf 1921

“ Already in the early 1880s Gehrts earned his fame as illustrator by the reproduction of his works in popular magazines like Die Gartenlaube … as well as by the design of youth books and works of his friend Felix Dahn … The spectrum of subjects illustrated by Gehrts covered Germanic heroic legends, marine, and pirate stories up to travel adventures and fairy-tales. The illustrations of the scientific expedition reports by the German physician and anthropologist Karl von den Steinen hold a special place among his work … Today Gehrts is predominantly known by his numerous book illustrations ”

(Sabine Schroyen, Allgemeines Künstler-Lexikon LI, 45 f.).

“ … and I wish to thank you for packing it so carefully … ”

(Mr. P. M., August 28, 2003)