With  the  Postman’s  “ Marital  Permission ” :

673,120.--  Marks  ( and that 130 Years ago ! )  for  the  Wife

Certificate of Heirship for Louise Friederike Therese Schubert, née Häusser, wife of the postman Johann Friedrich Carl Sch., regarding the transfer and consolidation of the real estate at Stadt and Kirchremda (Saxony-Weimar) bequeathed by the weaver Johann Gottlieb Erdmann Häusser. Executed Blankenhain January 17, 1889. Writing on paper. Sm. fol. 6 unpag. ll. With cord stitching in the state colors and Amtsgericht paper seal.

Certificate of Heirship

“ The heirs  in  reference  to  the  marital  permission  have entered upon the inheritance of the deceased. Widow Heusser has relinquished on her right of succession on the estate assets in favor of her daughter who accepts this.

“ Mrs. Luisa Frederike Therese Schubert née Heusser has  in  reference  to  the  marital  permission  asked for the transfer of the estate assets to herself and for execution of a certificate of heirship on the estate belonging to … ”

Land Register Extract for Certificate of Heirship

With attached extract of the land register (printed form) with official stamp and detailed entry of the real estate the deceased bequeathed to the widow Marie Katharine Friederike Häusser, née Morgenroth, and the above-mentioned common daughter by his death September 24, 1888, and testimony on the consolidation of the several properties situated in Stadt and Kirchremda in the total value of 673,120 marks necessary because of the waiver of inheritance rights by the widow for the benefit of the daughter. Following the assessment of tax and pension payments and filing confirmations at the city tax revenue office and the vicarage as leaving and accession authority. On the back further attestations. – With document’s watermark and blind stamp Grand Duchy Saxony with coat of arms resp. – Negligible centerfold.

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