Beethoven – (Seyfried, Ignaz Ritter von, 1776 Vienna 1841). Work fellow already of the Early Years – “(Biographical Notes [on Ludwig van Beethoven])”. Reduced reproduction + transcription of the autograph manuscript, having been laid before the musicologist Bettina von Seyfried. Bonn, Niemeyer, 1990. 12 unnumbered sheets. With 13 (12 full-page) illustrations. In sheets with repeated portrait vignette on cover (this in red and black).

Complete manuscript version published for the first time of this second to the earliest more detailed source of the Beethoven biography with the highest important passage, missing in the print (within the appendix to L. v. B. Studies in the Thorough-Bass, Vienna 1832), regarding the generous gift of money of the London Philharmonic Society which B. on his deathbed so immensely moved out of gratitude. As also with difference at the beginning in respect of the birthday taken over by B. himself and at the broken end, here with “(Now will be inserted the Preliminary Report to the Miserere.)”, followed by naming of the annex I. as the funeral oration of Grillparzer.

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