Furrier  and  Buttonmaker

as  Vendees  on  the  Bankruptcy  Sale

of  Master  Baker  Nöldecke

Lüchow – Protocol of the Sale by the royal Hanover office Lüchow of January 17, 1852, about the effected realization at 3rd and last date on December 3, 1851, from the bankrupt’s estate “of the citizen and master baker Wilhelm Nöldecke here” of a “garden situated below Lüchow at Schmidt Witting’s garden” at 525 Thaler to the credit of the highest bid by the “buttonmaker Carl Georg Behrens allhere for himself and in the name of the furrier Heinrich Brix here” as well as stipulation of its division among the vendees. Followed by the conditions of the sale for the totally three lots of real estate, the first of which regarding the garden. Manuscript on paper. Sm. fol. 4 pp. on 2 double leaves. The proceedings signed together with the office stamp, the conditions of sale with the seal of the kingdom through which the golden stitching tape leads.

On “2 good ten-pfennig pieces” stamp paper in blind stamping as the armorial stamp of the Kingdom of Hanover, too, indicated in the preliminaries as “special stamps” especially destined for such protocols. – With watermarks Lower Saxon Horse and separate character mark “C S G & S 1851”. – The usual folds in the two white sheets with two and three resp. barely worth mentioning and acid-freely backed break throughs, otherwise of great freshness. Also the fine craquelée of the seal barely perceptible.

Fine  collector’s  item, here as certified copy for – so on the slightly yellowed final page – the furrier Heinrich Brix here together with invoice of costs about 20 ten-pfennig pieces “by the master shoemaker Runge” who also seems to have acknowledged the receipt under February 5, 1852, what is not completely understood here though.

On the economically here obviously flexible Heinrich Brix as supposedly 2nd generation it shall be reminded of the collection of title deed and promissionary notes by master furrier Carl Siegmund Brix of 1802-1828 that is offered here under the aspect of “The Need of the 1st Generation is the Bread of the 2nd – The Trouble and Raise of Lüchow Master Furrier in the First Third of the 19th Century”.

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„ soeben wurde die (Ridinger-)Gams zugestellt - unversehrt. Herzlichen Dank für die prompte und professionelle Abwicklung “

(Herr G. R., 29. Juli 2016)