from  the  first  Months  of  World  War I

Linke, Oscar (writer + editor, theater critique, 1854 – Weimar 1928). Autograph letter of Nov. 13, 1914, with letterhead editor’s office of Weimarische Landeszeitung Deutschland. 1 page.

To Franz Hermann Meißner, art writer and director of the Sedan Panorama, Berlin C, Panoramastraße 1.

“ Dear friend! Much to my regret I can’t use your beautiful essay, which I personally enjoyed with highest pleasure like caviar and Burgundy, for our newspaper. You don’t know the ‘genius’ Weimar … Personally I now (?) have hard duty: ½ 6 getting up, 1 ½ hours rest, then till 7 o’clock in the evening, often afterwards still theatre with following … But  what  one  doesn’t  do  pro  patria ! / All  my  five  nephews  are  in  the  field . How is your boy? And many else of the relations … / Bad  bad  times – when  will  they  end ? … Your ‘immortal’ Oscar / Send me a Klinger copy, review (?) follows by return! ”

MEISSNER (1863 Berlin 1925) authored beside works of splendor on Klinger and Hermann Prell’s murals in the Palazzo Cassarelli in Rome monographs on Tiepolo, Veronese, Dürer, and Holbein II and within the series Das Künstlerbuch published by him on, i. a., Klinger, Stuck, Thoma, Böcklin, Uhde, Defregger, and Menzel. As director of the joint-stock company of the zoological gardens he later “deserved outstandingly of the development of this favorite institution of the Berliners” (B.Z. am Mittag of Dec. 5, 1913, quoted from Oliver Ohmann, Berlin 1913). – Supposedly referring to Max Klinger: Radierungen, Zeichnungen, Bilder und Skulpturen.

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“ Yes please. I take that (further) copy.
I have now fetched the (last) parcel at the post office and I was very pleased. First of all: thank you for making so good parcel. I hate when I receive damaged copies because of bad envelopes. So once again: thank you very much for handling the items with such care! For me that is another word for seriousness and professionalism.
It was also a good copy and I liked it very much.
Please let me know if there is more items coming up ”

(Mrs. G. H., June 19, 2006)