Customs  Procedure  for  the  Elector  in  Cologne

and  Six-in-Hand  Carriage  Horses

for  the  Colleague  in  Treves

Fürstenberg, Franz Egon Graf von (prebendary at Cologne etc., bishop of Strasbourg, 1625-1682). Letter with autograph signature to the Elector of Treves. Bonn June 11, 1673. Sm. fol. (12⅝ × 7⅞ in [32 × 20 cm]). 1 page on double leaf.

Franz Egon Count of Fürstenberg, Letter

“ Also most Reverend Prince in God, especially dear Sir, friend and r. brother. Have I seen from Your Honorable postscript what money deposited there you will raise (?) for account of the payment of duty for some few fruit and slow-matches (?) most recently lead down on behalf the Honorable Elector at Cologne.

“ Now the matter is as follows that, only ordered to bring down these things, he had reported himself with the passport of course, but for the prevention of additional costs and for that he might be delayed the less with the customs, he has deposited the customs duties as he also has been ordered to. I thus hope Your Honorable will order these after the restitution of those monies, and I will endeavor to encumber myself with those debt.

Franz Egon Graf von Fürstenberg, Carriage Horses

“ The six Carriage Horses would already have been sent if not one would have been slightly injured at the hand over that, so nevertheless it is to be hoped it will improve as soon as possible … Franz Egon Epis. / (follows below left) Chur Trier. ”

Franz Egon Graf von Fürstenberg, Chur Trier

FÜRSTENBERG , whose father Egon VII executed the restitution edict in Franconia and Wurttemberg in 1631 and commanded under Tilly before Leipsic the right wing, was i. a. suffragan bishop and dean at the cathedral at Cologne and since 1663 bishop at Strasbourg. “As chargé d’affaires of the Cologne Elector Maximilian Heinrich he served French interests especially in the peace of Aix-la-Chapelle in 1668 and in the war of Louis XIV against Holland since 1672. After Cologne was forced to make peace with Holland in 1674 (he) proceeded to France; put under imperial ban in 1675 and only in 1681, after the French occupation of Strasbourg … he became bishop there again” (Meyers Konvers.-Lex., 4th ed., VI, 794).

With watermark post horn between S & W as well as separate double tower, both not in Heawood. – Patinately not improperly foxing, only the white, last page together dirt-spotted. Two minimal injuries without loss of writing repaired acid-freely.

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„ ich habe mich nun doch entschlossen, den Ridinger zu veräußern und bitte um Zusendung des angebotenen freigemachten Verpackungsmaterials … (Und) ich danke Ihnen für die ausführliche Anleitung zum Verpacken des Ridingers … (Und) Ihnen nochmals für die äußerst angenehme Kommunikation dankend … (Und) das Geld ist bereits auf meinem Konto angekommen, das ging ja wirklich schnell, vielen Dank dafür … “

(Herr C. S., 15., 18., 29. + 30. Dezember 2009)