“ If not soon such dew comes for you from heaven …
there’s just one yet to wish you :
Death or oh! – the madness’ mild night ! ”

Autograph  Documents  by  Oscar  Linke

(writer + editor , 1854 – 1928)

(Expectation.) Autograph manuscript. In German. 19 lines. Signed: 19/4 90 Oscar Linke.

On moldmade paper. – Cross and feeble longitudinal fold. The white upper margin a little creased and fissured (backed acid-freely).

“ In the struggle for existence nerves become steel – Sure, Sure! For others it may be true, Not for the poet! Grins at him from all corners the ghost of distress, Hollow-eyed even the phantom of hunger, then he feels the hand lame, otherwise easily agile … His feeling is invested by iron clamps, …

A  poet’s  heart  is  a  delicate  flower ,
It  needs  the  sun’s  smile …

My things, / If not soon such dew comes for you from heaven, Yenned for now since many months of pain, … ”

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Follow autograph letters + postcards from Berlin (1891/99) + Weimar (1912/14) to Franz Hermann Meißner, art writer and director of the Sedan – Panorama, Berlin C, Panoramastr. 1, with exception of two headed “Dear Friend!” throughout, since March 11, 1896, on intimate first-name terms, but still signed with O. / Oscar Linke, only the two last ones signed with just the forename.

MEISSNER (1863 Berlin 1925) authored beside works of splendor on Klinger and Hermann Prell’s murals in the Palazzo Cassarelli in Rome monographs on Tiepolo, Veronese, Dürer, and Holbein II and within the series Das Künstlerbuch published by him on, i. a., Klinger, Stuck, Thoma, Böcklin, Uhde, Defregger, and Menzel. As director of the joint-stock company of the zoological gardens he later “deserved outstandingly of the development of this favorite institution of the Berliners” (B.Z. am Mittag of Dec. 5, 1913, quoted from Oliver Ohmann, Berlin 1913).

Letter between c. 1891 and Feb. 26, 1896, from Berlin N. 4, Gartenstr. 21, still per “Dear Mr. Colleague!“. 1 page.

“ Many thanks for Dehmel’s Salvation (published 1891): I will see what can be done. What you say about Heimgarten delights me; but I believe not until I became ‘seeing’. / Could not we see each other again some evening ‘somewhere’? In the Carlsbad probably at the famous Friday evenings? … / And how are you? Do you come back in the end with a novel or a volume ‘Poems’? You are a poet. And verses, even though here below paid more than … (‘miserably’) rate higher in heaven … ” – Tiny, acid-freely backed tear in the white upper margin.

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Announcement of Visit of February 26, 1896, from Berlin N. 58, Wörtherstr. 3. Sm. 8vo. 1 page. – Optically fine.

“ … so I will appear … on the scene at the set time. With best greeting to you and Mrs. Meißner Yours Dr. Oscar Linke. ”

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Postcard of March 11, 1896, (dispatch + delivery stamps, “6-7 N”!) from as before.

“ The story for H. has been sent; if it just is not too long: 40 note-paper pages of 20 lines! On Friday I am sorry I can’t come … For the next week I am at your’s disposal every evening for an intimate pub gathering: I therefore ask you to kindly tell me … and place … Yours Oscar Linke. ”

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– of July 28, 1896, (with delivery stamp of still the very same day!) from as before.

“ I come next Friday. Not too late! Glaser (the art-historian Curt G.?) would like to talk with you once more till then about the Tizian … ”

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– of August 11, 1896, (both mail marks of 12, that of delivery of “7¼ – 8½ AM” !) from as before.

“ In the matter in question, which I remembered indeed, first contact Glaser (the art-historian Curt G.?) once again personally … You know after all – last authority for the pictures is always F.W. in B(runswick). But just this theme has for its own the utmost ‘probability’ of the presumption (?) … ”

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– of October 30, 1896.

“ Hackerlbräu at the Belle alliance Place (corner Wilhelmstr.) No. 15 You best take the bus: Landsbergerstr. Halleschethor. … 8 o’clock! ”

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– of November 17, 1896, with short letter of November 19, 1896.

“ Wednesday is impossible. The whole day is dedicated to an urging work for us. If you are serious then I come Saturday evening directly from the Hallesche Straße. In haste! ” – Right lower margin of the card slightly folded, but touching a line ending only.

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Letter of March 19, 1897, from Berlin S.W., Teltowerstr. 15. 1 page.

“ … My Candide needs a lot of time: the day before yesterday up till ¾ 2, yesterday … till ¾ 3 and up again at 8 – tête et sang! to hell with the so-called dear Lord of the best of all – worst worlds! / Finest greeting to you and your dear woman of the house Yours O. Linke / Poet second class with laurel and occasionally ‘spikes’.. ”

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Postcard of May 20, 1897, from as before.

“ Best and warmest thanks for the fine hint – the essay by the way is masterly, it has shining color, one feels you wrote it con amore – just – moreover to also come up to my duty as ‘nagger’ – … Boy, you are not becoming near-sighted? / Are you tomorrow, today Friday evening, in the ‘ Sink ‘ probably? If you come I would, too. – Glaser (the art-historian Curt G.?) is in Brunswick … By the way, I have read your Watteau; very fine; but he can’t appear before autumn … In true affection … ”

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Letter of September 15, 1897, from as before. 1 page.

“ Your winter program letter was dispatched yesterday for Brunswick; I am curious if this time W. would not say: Yes, but see myself first! – / You will keep the said under your hat, will you – of course not to your wife. I don’t throw up the sponge yet. If there really will be an ‘official’ second one before me, so I may become the first later. I would even prefer it that way: Following Gl(aser?). directly isn’t easy: one ruins oneself to quick. So someone else pulls the coals out of the fire and in the end has himself being fooled on 1. IV. 98. ”

Offer no. 13,312 / EUR  65. (c. US$ 79.) + shipping

– of February 8, 1898, from as before. 1 page.

“ I still am alive and have looked for you in vain on the Mars Festival in Friedrichshagen on Saturday where there were grand goings-on with ladies from 9 o’clock PM – 6 AM. / On Friday I will be in Torf.=H. (?) – but very respectable, without any further after-excursions. / From April 1 on I am no longer with Glaser; my position as critic I keep on the side. More about it by word of mouth! Some ‘people’ have huge luck; some poets I think infinite hard luck … but I do not give up – there’s still time for ‘bumping off’. Before long you will get my ‘Vasanta=Songs’. ”

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– of September 19, 1898, with letterhead Mahlsdorf near Wiesenburg Mark with coat of arms. 4to. 1 page.

“ Have I already sent you a copy of my Vasanta (songs) or not? I am able to do so now: from Storm’s shipwreck I have saved 25 copies for myself. / Generally I am well – my brother even better: he has become Princely Hohenlohe director general with a huge salary. / Poetically I do very little unfortunately since my summer existence has become sunny poetry itself. But for how long perhaps? But … chap, it’s to be hoped you still can ingeniously!! / Best greetings for you and your woman of house and heart! ” – Also optically very fine, on dainty moldmade paper.

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– of April 6, 1899. 1 page.

“ You can talk wise: 1) I have not seen my book in no shop window yet; 2) I have not yet got my 15 free copies – the – the fishy publishers’ habit! … Is yet from such folks because of … terribly awkward … but of course: we as authors always shall be: be even more foolish … Perhaps I come Friday evening, otherwise Sunday … Have a lot to tell! / Best greeting for you and your wife whom it is to be hoped you have apologized to for your … (very well!) … ”

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Postcard of December 1, 1899, from Berlin, Dresdenerstr. 96.

“ For the time being my best thanks for the beautiful Thoma book which I have read with the greatest pleasure. When can we talk away relaxed an evening again? … With best greeting to you and the mistress keeping the house Your O. L. ” – Fine dirt streak at the upper margin.

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Letter of December 7, 1913, with letterhead Dr. Oskar Linke Wörthstr. 47 / Weimar. 1 page.

“ Dear Franz Hermann! So today Monday (Dec. 8.) you, too, joined the circle of the 50-year-old: my most affectionate congratulation! You … life now also from the only right point of view: contemplative … towards everything that comes flying from the outside, even in the shape of known ‘birds’ if they come, and in doing so preserve the best for you, true to the old, high-holy ideals of the youth … Thirty years ago you certainly cultivated other dreams for the future. And today? – in spite of all – you may call yourself a lucky man whom one cannot just chase out like a scabby dog into storm and death of hunger. But – sorry, your most secret love … is: the noble poetry – only she sheds a golden light over life! What’s the cult to the world? We stay and will always stay as we were! With best greetings … Your old faithful Oscar / who just, on Sunday!, had to … a theatre review of 6 columns. ”

On light carton. – Acid-freely backed small tear in the white margin of the centerfold.

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– of November 13, 1914, with letterhead editor’s office of Weimarische Landeszeitung Deutschland. 1 page.

“ Much to my regret I can’t use your beautiful essay, which I personally enjoyed with highest pleasure like caviar and Burgundy, for our newspaper. You don’t know the ‘genius’ Weimar … Personally I now (?) have hard duty: ½ 6 getting up, 1½ hours rest, then till 7 o’clock in the evening, often afterwards still theatre with following … But what one doesn’t do pro patria! / All my five nephews are in the field. How is your boy? And many else of the relations … / Bad bad times – when will they end? … Your ‘immortal’ Oscar / Send me a Klinger copy – supposedly Max Klinger: Radierungen, Zeichnungen, Bilder und Skulpturen – , review (?) follows by return! ”

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“ I wish to thank you for the detailed, knowledgeable response. I am very impressed with your experience; your information was very helpful ”

(Mr. R. H. P., July 25, 2005)