“ The  Koch  Collection
is  a  European  Matter ”

(Stefan Zweig, 1926)

Koch – Kinsky, Georg. (Manuscripts – Letters – Documents from Scarlatti to Stravinsky. Catalogue of the Musical Autograph Collection Louis Koch, in German.) Ed. by Marc André Souchay. Stuttgart, Hoffmann’sche Buchdruckerei Felix Krais, 1953. Sm. 4to. XXII, 361 pp. With mounted portrait frontispiece, notes examples, and

21  (6 folded)  facsimile  plates ,

4 of which printed on both sides. Orig. h. vellum with gilt back and gilt borderline + gilt stamped arabesque monogram LK on the front cover. Top gilt edge.

The catalogue coming up to last standards on the legendary part of the collections of the Frankfort jeweller Louis Koch (1862-1930) including acquisitions done posthumously till late in ’40s with the

Beethoven  stock  as  ne  plus  ultra  pièce  de  résistance

(for the original of the famous 1812 face mask by Franz Klein known erroneously widely as death mask, and the bust by G. Schierholz worked after that, both in the collection, too, see Kerst, [The Remembrances of Beethoven], 1913, vol. II, frontispiece + p. 341 + vol. I, plate after p. 144). – Some weak little foxspots mostly in the outermost margin/edge, only title and support paper of the portrait somewhat more as a whole, covers upper right/left quite minimally pressed, otherwise

the  very  fine  copy  of  Eduard  Reeser

(the Utrecht musicologist, 1908-2002) in the fine original binding with its brown covers as specific for the publishers already under their predecessor Julius Hoffmann.

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“ I am so impressed by your (riding) website and the collections you offer!

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