Report by the Elementary School at Bohemian-Budweis for Bernard Krumbholz

Budweis?  Isn’t  that … ?

Exactly.  A  Budweis … School-Report

Budweis – Report by the elementary school at Bohemian-Budweis for Bernard Krumbholz, pupil of the fourth grade. Printed form filled in in German writing. Executed Bohemian-Budweis April 9, 1827. Fol. 1 page. With the school’s paper seal and the signature of director Lugert Trink (?).

Typograph. watermark. – Utterly smoothed out horizontal and 2 vertical folds, rather feeble crease-traces. – On the back note of two lines by old hand.

“ By the elementary school at Bohemian=Budweis is testified herewith, that Krumbholz Bernard, pupil of the fourth grade, 1st age-class was well-behaved, and has learned the prescribed subjects as follows … This pupil therefore deserves to be set into the first grade. ”

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„ bereits heute ist der Stahlstich der Harfe spielende Dame wohlbehalten bei mir angekommen und übertrifft meine Erwartungen weit. Als Berufsharfenistin werde ich sicher viel Freude an dem Bild haben. Mit ganz herzlichem Dank und freundlichen Grüßen “

(Frau C. K., 6. August 2016)