Report for Friedrich Dömaschko, Hohenfurt, Bohemia

Bohemian Krumau – Hohenfurt – Report for Friederich Dömaschko, pupil of the second grade of the school at Hohenfurt. Printed form filled in in German writing. Executed Markt Hohenfurt April 28, 1831. Fol. 1 page. With the signatures of Aloys Schiller, parson, and Johann Gruber, schoolmaster.

Typograph. watermark WELS. – Smoothed out horizontal and 2 vertical folds barely perceptible anymore. – With note of September 7, 1834, on a repetition there. – On the back name of the recipient of the report by old hand. – Religion, reading in German, Latin, and written, arithmetic, and correctly speaking fine, calligraphy and writing from dictation as well as composition just average though:

“ Friederich Dömaschko, pupil of the second grade in the school at Hohenfurt, has regularly attended school, behaved well in his manners, and learned the prescribed subjects as follows … He therefore deserves to be set into the first grade.

“ Nta For the repetition of above subjects presenter of this has attended the school here on Sundays. ”

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