Report for Wenzl Treuer, Elementary School Weleschin, Bohemia

Reading in Bohemian “good”

Bohemian Krumau – Weleschin – Report for Wenzl Treuer, former pupil of the second grade of trivial (elementary) school Weleschin. Executed in German writing Markt Weleschin September 27, 1834. Fol. 1 page on double sheet. With seal and 2 signatures, including Johann Fugier (?) as schoolmaster.

Typograph. watermark J. Vogl. – Smoothed out horizontal and vertical fold. – Two small fold cracks as well as a 2 cm tear of the back sheet’s horizontal fold backed acid-freely. – On the back name of the recipient of the report by old hand. – In all subjects including religion, reading in Bohemian and Latin as well as arithmetic fine:

“ Presenter of this, Wenzl Treuer former pupil of the second grade of the trivial school at Weleschin has regularly attended school, behaved well in his manners, and learned the prescribed subjects as follows … As the same had regularly attended the repetition lesson (?), so he deserves to be set into the first grade. ”

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“ I am curious as to the history of this (original Ridinger printing) plate (I just bought) and the others you have offered. Did you purchase them from the Ridinger estate (indirectly, indeed) or a private collector? These are truly rare one of a kind pieces ”

(Mr. L. A. F., October 28, 2003)