“ Again and again his fiction returned to that happy children’s land
( Bohemian Forest ) …
In the age of the Bohemia’s ‘becoming a state’

and the dukes of Babenberg in the 12th century
(in Witiko) the quiet natural growth of the mediaeval culture
is unfolded at the heavy work of the colonists …
Marvelous … the description of the wild, unbeaten nature
and the … landscape ”

Stifter, Adalbert. Witiko. 3 vols. (6th-15th thousand.) Leipsic, Insel, 1955. 322 pp., 1 l.; 338 pp., 1 l.; 374 pp., 1 l. Soft green flexible orig. cloth with gilt title on back + front cover, and bookmark ribbon in slipcase.

According to Stifter’s own statement comprehensible only today: “With the Witiko the people will understand me after one hundred years only”. – Printed at Andersen Nexö (Haag-Drugulin) on India-like fine paper. – Typeset in Unger Fraktur.

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„ … wieder eine große Freude, Post von Ihnen zu erhalten und in eine Lektüre eintauchen zu können, die sich so wohltuend von dem journalistischen Einheitsbrei der täglichen Presse unterscheidet “

(Herr T. L., 9. Januar 2011)