The Red Series - a creation of lüder h. niemeyer The Red Series - a creation of lüder h. niemeyer The Red Series - a creation of lüder h. niemeyer
Dostojewsky, Idiot (Aglaya Fore-edge Binding)

The Idiot
Fore-edge Painting

Dostoyevsky, F(yodor). M(ikhaylovich). (The Idiot.) Novel. From the Russian into the German by E. K. Rahsin (= Elisabeth Kaerrick [Pernau, Livonia, 1886 – Munich 1966]). 19th/20th thousand. Munich, R. Piper & Co., 1920. 7⅝ × 4⅞ in (19.5 × 12.3 cm). XVIII, 1182 pp. Ruby red crushed half morocco with fascinatingly iridescent covers of polychromatically marbled silver paper, blind fillet on cover, gilt back title with gilt fillets, 7 gilt head leading edge fillets as transition to gilt edges goffered at head & tail,

Fore-edge  Painting

under the gilt in wood veneer case with ruby red morocco edges at the slide-in (R. Meuter).

India paper edition of the “second of the five great epic novels Dostoyevsky (Moscow 1821 – Petersburg 1880) has written, started in Geneva late 1867 and finished in Milan late 1868. The work thus ranks in the chronological sequence in intervals of about two years each between ‘Rodion Raskolnikov’ (Crime and Punishment) and the ‘Demons’” (Rahsin). With


as one of the female leading characters and in such a manner in full length in Petersburg costume motif of the pronouncedly content-related fore-edge painting, invisible in closed state, yet showing when fanning out the body of the book.

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The Red Series - a creation of lüder h. niemeyer

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