« I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library. »

Jorge Luis Borges


Fine & Precious Bindings , First & Deluxe Editions

The Red Series and other Rarities

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The Red Series – a creation of lüder h. niemeyer fine arts since 1959
Solander boxes & bindings in red morocco with contents of highest quality ,
rarities grangerized with unique specimen , unique specimens paired with themselves
or simply just a rarity or things of special beauty + charm.
Shortly, high class showcase pieces

“ My name is … and work for the Prado Museum as Senior Curator of 18th Century painting and Goya. I have seen your excellent webpage on Ridinger. The reason of contacting you is related to a research on Goya and its publication. There is a drawing with the subject of ‘Hannibal Cartaginensis’, probably by J. E. Ridinger … My questions are several, and I include photographs …

“ … thanking you for your mail and the very useful information you gave us. Your remarks on J. E. Ridinger and the drawing I sent to you are very interesting and, as I said, useful, because of your knowledge on the artist … Best regards, Yours sincerely, ”

(Mrs. M. M., August 27 & September 11, 2018)