Genuensis Dominum, Reipublicae, cum inclytae istius Urbis et Portus insignioribus Prospectibus … repraesentatum. With a very fine large title-cartouche with coat of arms + Athene, Poseidon and Hermes, all three important for Genoa as tutelary gods of state, sea, and commerce resp. Especially for the latest there are baggage and a merchant vessel as further signs. But in the lower map field a bird’s eye view of the town opened by 25 object signs, enriched by a plenty of ships and boats, and framed by a complex of buildings and especially a scenery of textile business (6¼ × 21¼ in [16 × 54 cm]). Colored engraved map by Matthäus Seutter I (1678-1757) in Augsburg. 19¾ × 22¾ in (50 × 57.7 cm).

With a very helpful separate full-page local index with a privilege of 1739 as a Seutter specialty but added not by a long way to his maps generally. – From the Vienna Seutter edition of 1736. – Cartouches and the view uncoloured as typical of many maps coloured in its time. – Up to Turin – Pavia – Cremona – Parma – Réggio . – Splendid map on heavy paper.

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„ nachdem die wunderbare Stangenabwurf-Folge (Wintter’s Aufsezen oder wachstum des Hirschgeweihes hiesiger Lieferung) nun meine Wand ziert, habe ich zwei (Desiderata-)Bitten an Sie. Es fehlt mir … Können Sie mir behilflich sein? “

(Herr C. R., 28. Januar 2015)