Local  Map  published  contemporarily  +  adjacently

when  in  Utrecht  Caravaggio’s  Light  rose

Utrecht – Vltraiectinvs, Episcop(atvs). With title-cartouche, 2 ships, and figurative miles indicator.

Berckenrode/Hondius, Utrecht

Map  of  the  Utrecht  diocese  1 : 150,000

designed by the surveyor Balthasar Florisz. van Berckenrode (Delft 1591 – The Hague 1644)

in  likewise  contemporarily  colored  engraving

by Evert Simonsz. van Hamersveldt (1591 – 1653). Inscribed: Auct. Balthazaro Florentio a Berkenrode. Amstelodami, apud Henricum Hondium, Sub insigno Atlantis. Ao. 1628., otherwise as above, and as reflecting the engraver’s view of himself in separate small own cartouche at the lower margin: Evert Sijmonszoon Hamersveldt sculpsit. 15 × 19⅜ in (38 × 49.3 cm).

Keuning 185; Koeman 165. – From the Mercator Atlas in the Hondius edition of 1630 (Koeman Me 29A) for which this map was expressly created by van Berckenrode during his Amsterdam period (1619/34) as “in graphic respect and with regard to geometrical reliability one of the

greatest  Netherlandish  cartographers  of  the  17th  century”

(Koeman). Replacing Mercator’s map of Utrecht still contained in the 1628 edition and therefore present here

in  its  earliest  impression

bearing Henricus’ address Sub insigno Atlantis on the Dam where also brother Jodocus II pursued his map trade. The historical-geographical text on the back in Latin. – De Leck (Neder Rijn) from below Rhenen, thus not with Emmerich anymore as according to Verbeek, Die Niederrheinansichten Jan de Beyers, 1957, p. 41) once belonging to the diocese. In the north adjoining to Haerlemmer Meer + Zuyder Zee. – Especially in the wide white margin foxed, otherwise fine copy

of  this  contemporary  map  of  Utrecht

very  effectively  stampeddike-net ! )

by  the  whole  plenty  of  surveying  knowledge

where during the Golden Age, returning from Italy, the Caravaggists with Honthorst and Ter-Brugghen at the top ignited Caravaggio’s revolution of light, but also spread his naturalism, and by this furnished the then Utrecht school of Abraham Bloemaert (“When Rubens came to Utrecht [in 1627] he did not miss to visit B., and also Elisabeth, the queen of Bohemia, honored him with her visit”, Thieme-Becker) with a raised dimension, influencing the non-Italianate Bloemaert himself as a Vermeer van Delft just as the genre painting of Frans Hals and the German Joachim von Sandrart, while “The influence … on the young Rembrandt … certainly (is) the most important chapter within the reception of the Caravaggesque art by the Dutch” (Arthur von Schneider, Caravaggio und die Niederländer, 1933, in not updated second edition of 1967, the latter here p. 67). Created into this environment then

present  Berckenrode-Hondius  map  of  Utrecht

as  a  collector’s  item  of  degree

to  the  Utrecht  school

so  important  for  Dutch  painting  of  the  17th  century .

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