Tartarie Chinoise

And  here  it  has  to  come  from

Chinoise, Carte de la Tartarie. With fine large title-cartouche by J. Arrivet,

decorated  i. a.  with  tea-plant  and  tea  set ,

as well as with miles indicator. Map engraving composed by Rigobert Bonne (Raucourt, Ardennen, 1727-1795) in outline color for Lattré in Paris. 1771. 12¼ × 16¾ in (31 × 42.5 cm).

Middle + North China with “PEKIN” in the lower center. – Further Corea & Sakhalin , the Mongolia and Russia till northwards of Lake Baikal. – Typographical watermark.

Offer no. 15,223 / EUR  345. / export price EUR  328. (c. US$ 397.) + shipping

Tartarie Chinoise

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