Asia Continent Map

The  Tea  Continent

L’Asie divisée en ses principaux Etats. With large title-cartouche. Continent map by Jean Janvier. Engraving colored in outline. Paris, Lattré, c. 1770. Inscribed: par le Sr. Janvier, Geographe. A Paris Chés Lattré Graveur rue S. Jacques, au pres la fontaïne Saint Severin à la Ville de Bordeaux. Avec Priv. du Roi., otherwise as above. 12⅜ × 18⅛ in (31.4 × 45.9 cm).

Continent  map. – In the center Beijing, a little west of the center

Tibet (Detail of continent map of Asia)

“Petit Tibet” + “Grand Tibet”.

In the center Beijing, a little west of the center “Petit Tibet” + “Grand Tibet”. Otherwise with Arabia – TurkeyPersia – Turkmenistan – Uzbekistan – Siberia – Mongolia – China – Japan – India – Indonesia – Sunda Islands – Borneo – Sumatra – Moluccas . – Relating to the Philippines with the interesting, but erroneous note

Philippines (Detail of continent map of Asia)

“ Ces  Isles  ont  etée  decouvertes  par  Magellan  en  1520 ” 

instead  of  March  1521 .

More eastwards the entries “I(sle) Guan sans eau” and “Isles vues par Magellan”. – In the far northeast off the compared with earlier representations visibly stretched and in such a manner more realistic Kamchatka the “I(sle) Beering” (Bering Island), followed in the east by the western Aleutian Islands discovered by Bering’s deputy, Aleksei Ilyich Chirikov (1703-1748), represented, however, merely as coastal strip designated “Terre vue par Mrs. Tchiricowe et Delisle (Louis De l’Isle de la Croyère, d. 1741) en 7.bre 1741”.

Japan - Kamchatka - Bering Island - West Aleutian Islands (Detail of continent map of Asia)
Japan – Kamchatka – Bering Island – West Aleutian Islands

In the direction of Japan furthermore with the legendary Terre de Jean de Gama, Terre de la Compagnie, Isle des Etats as well as Terre de Yeco as ultimately southern Kurile Islands and Hokkaido as dissolved into a representation corresponding with nature only by Ivan Fomic Treskot in the third Russian general map of 1776 or its German edition of 1784 as the latest. – Westwards up to the Red Sea. – Typographic watermark.

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