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Russie, L’Empire de. Extrait de l’Atlas Russien et d’autres Cartes. With large ornamental title-cartouche by J. Arrivet and comprehensive miles indicator. 2 sheet. Map engraving of Russia composed by Rigobert Bonne (Raucourt, Ardennes, 1727 – 1795) for Lattré in Paris. 1771. 17½-18⅛ × 12⅞ in (44.5-46 × 32.7 cm).

Novaya Zemlya (Detail)

Novaya Zemlya with numerous entries along the west and north coast, among which Cape Nassau, today Cape Mauritius, the Asian North Cape, and per “Hivernemt. de Hollandois en 1596” the Ice Harbor in which Willem Barents (mid 16th cent. – Novaya Zemlya 1697) passed the winter during his second expedition from August 1596 till June 1597, yet still without the Matochkin Strait cutting through the island, supposedly recorded for the first time in the third general map of Russia by Ivan Fomic Treskot (1721-1786) of 1776, published 1784 in a German edition by Tobias Conrad Lotter in Augsburg.

In the extreme northeast the mostly white Chukchi (Chukotsk) Peninsula with Cape Szalaginskoi (Cape Shelagskiy) together with the offshore, yet not designated islands of the same name, still pointing traditionally distinctly to the northeast. Likewise left without designation Cape Dezhnev as Asia’s easternmost point, just south of it per “I(sle). S. Diomide” the Diomede Islands actually situated in the midst of Bering Strait, just as St. Lawrence Island (“I[sle]. de S. Hilarion”) is placed erroneously just off the coast. However, opposite Cape Dezhnev indicated by short coastal strip as “Côte découvt. en 1730”

Chukotsk Peninsula / Bering Strait / Alaska (Detail)

the  westernmost  point  of  Alaska

(Cape Prince of Wales). Off the coast of Kamchatka finally Bering Island and – designated likewise, yet now in plural, as “Is. de Beering” – Attu Island together with two smaller islands as the westernmost of the Aleutian Islands. Discovered 1741 in the course of the second Kamchatka Expedition (Great Northern Expedition, 1733-43) by Bering’s deputy, Aleksei Ilyich Chirikov (1703-1748), Attu Island became 200 years later (1943) the scene of the only battle of World War II on American soil.

Kamchatka (Detail)

In Jean Janvier’s continent map of Asia published by Lattré about the same time as present one the western Aleutian Islands figure as just shadowy coastal strip “Terre vue par Mrs. Tchiricowe et Delisle (Louis De l’Isle de la Croyère, d. 1741) en 7.bre 1741”. – Not designated as such the Kurile Islands up to Marikan (Iturup?), Sakhalin complete with Cape Patience as southern point, otherwise in the south up to Dalai nuur (Hulun Lake) – Lake Zaysan – Caspian Sea .

Outline color. – Typographic watermark. – The miles indicator for geographic miles and the Russian, Ukrainian, Chinese, Turkish, and French measures of distance.

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Russia - Western PartRussia - Eastern Part

“ I am curious as to the history of this (original Ridinger printing) plate (I just bought) and the others you have offered. Did you purchase them from the Ridinger estate (indirectly, indeed) or a private collector? These are truly rare one of a kind pieces ”

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