“ … as  one  doesn’t  find  them  soon  fuller  of  character ”

Schleich, August (1814 Munich 1865). Troop of Boars. Group of four on clearing in the mountain forest with the capital boar in important dominance in the center to the left where a sow rests and a further one stands behind it while on the right a heavy beast runs downwards. Watercolor in especially richly differenciated grey and brown tones with black lights on grey tone paper. Inscribed lower left: A. Schleich (18)49. 8⅝ × 11⅞ in (22 × 30.3 cm).

Laid by old on braided mounting carton with “A. Schleich” in the upper center and on this fixed above completey with the result of a weak waving and below right per point.

Topping , colorfresh  sheet ,

August Schleich, Troop of Boars

appropriately claiming what Nagler noted contemporarily in respect of the 1840/41 set of lithographs “Studies of Game Animals”:

“ Also  in  molding  and  perfection

these  sheets  are  to  be  praised ”,

and previously

“ (Schleich) yet expressed a special partiality for the depiction of animals, in which he has brought it already to a not ordinary level of perfection … (His works) deserve to be praised not only as a result of the skillful treatment, but

especially  because  of  the  characteristic  interpretation

of  the  animal  nature .”

And Hyacinth Holland correspondingly in review in 1890 in ADB:

“ In doing so he reached a perfection and truth which assigns him

one  of  the  first  places  among  the  game  draughtsmen

of  his  time ,

while he didn’t possess the required patience for the execution in oil to work himself way up on the same level of perfection … As formerly at the beginning of his fame at last S. delivered his productions also again on the pothouse, which temporarily formed studio and home for the artist, whose originality perhaps got going again all the fairy-tales and legends of Adrian Brouwer, Jan Steen and others of this stamp. ”

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„ soeben wurde die (Ridinger-)Gams zugestellt - unversehrt. Herzlichen Dank für die prompte und professionelle Abwicklung “

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