Master  Drawing
of  High-class  Provenance

Dutch School – Landscape with the Three Peasants Cart-loading. On the field in front, loading shocks of sheaves onto a two-wheeled one-horse cart. The low wood enclosing the field declining on the far right and opening the vista of the plain with broad river with sailboat and a village on the far bank. Richly shaded brush in grey wash over traces of black chalk. C. 1700. 8½ × 14 in (217 × 354 mm). – Minimal foxing.


Dutch School - Landscape with the Three Peasants Cart-loading

Dr. Carl Robert Rudolf , London

his sale Amsterdam 1977
On verso his collector stamp Cock on Turtle,
Lugt II, 2811 b

Finely  executed  work  of  painterly  impression ,

the  quality  of  which  vouches  for  the  hand  of  its  master .

Not least, however, also for its provenance :

“ Rudolf was one of the last of the real collectors of Old Master Drawings, in Britain perhaps the last. Certainly he will take his place alongside those other great British collectors, Lely, Lankrink, the Richardsons, Hudson, Reynolds, Lawrence, Esdaile, Skippe, Witt, and the rest … As long as he stuck to the Old Masters,

he  had  a  remarkable  eye  for  quality

… He was interested in the subject of the drawing, in the way the artist had visualised that subject, and in technique, for which he had a critical eye ” (Terence Mullaly).


“ Rudolf amassed one of the largest and most representative collections of old master Dutch and Flemish drawings of this century … ” (George Keyes).

Attaching present drawing to a name some day thusly could indeed

promise  a  confirmation  of  one’s  own  eye .

Offer no. 15,486 / price on application

“ … the (Leonardo) volumes just arrived. Perfect condition! Thank you for the excellent packing … I am looking forward to many hours of enjoyment. I will contact my friend and have him contact you regarding sale of the other set. Thank you again and I look forward to future business with you! Regards as always ”

(Mr. M. W., August 22, 2011)