Gustav Kampmann, Greifenberg/Lake Ammer

“ Mastership  in  the  Portrayal
of  the  South  German  Landscape ”

Kampmann, Gustav (Boppard 1859 – Godesberg 1917). Greifenberg / Lake Ammer. In front field scenery with trees, slightly in the background vista of the village. Black chalk, heightened with white, on cardboard. Inscribed: GK. (ligated) / Greifenberg / 2. Mai (19)10. 11⅝ × 15⅝ in (296 × 398 mm).

Thieme-Becker XIX, 510; Allgemeines Künstler-Lexikon LXXIX (2013), 238 f. – Fine, executed work and also by its subject corresponding to Thieme-Becker’s judgement regarding the paintings:

“ … by their quiet plain, decorative conception and a characteristic melancholy basic mood which is achieved not least by dispensing with figurative accessories. The eye for the width and flatness of the landscape and a pronounced preference for the depiction of fog or twilight moods and moonlit nights make up Kampmann’s mastership in the portrayal of the South German landscape … ” .

Kampmann, landscapist and lithographer, master pupil of Gustav Schönleber, co-worker for PAN and important exponent of the Karlsruhe School, who also met “with great approval for his partly masterly landscape lithographs”. So he attended i. a. the Paris International Exposition 1900 with – according to Bénézit – special success.

See  otherwise the review on the exhibition “The Artist Colony Grötzingen — A Worpswede in Baden” in Karlsruhe in Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung of Dec. 30, 1975, stating i. a.:

“ Kampmann  is  the  artistic  event  of  the  exhibition . ”

And again – as the only one of the pupils – in the Schönleber exhibition there in 1991.

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