Large-sized  Drawing  of  the  Italianate  Hendrik  Verschuring

His  Horses  influenced  by  Wouwerman

Resting  Falconers  in  the  Campagna

Verschuring, Hendrik (Gorkum 1627 – near Dordrecht 1690). Resting Hunters, partly dismounted, with their hounds in front of an inn, in front of which landlord and landlady welcome a carriage and pair. One of the hunters has his falcon on the right running into the landscape, enthusiastically accompanied by his dog. But also the rider in front left shown from back should hold a falcon on his left. The sketched mountain chain in the distance localizing probably the Roman Campagna. Brush-drawing in several shades of grey wash and a little black over traces of black chalk. Inscribed at lower left with the grey brush: H. verschuring. f.. 9⅞ × 13¾ in (250 × 348 mm).


Friedrich Quiring , Eberswalde

with both his  stamps

Hendrik Verschuring, Resting Hunters + Hawkers: collection stamp Friedrich Quiring Lugt 1041bHendrik Verschuring, Resting Hunters + Hawkers: collection stamp Friedrich Quiring Lugt 1041c

lower right and on enclosed former mounting resp. (Lugt 1041 b & c:
Des deux marques ci-contre la première servit jusqu’en 1920, la seconde à partir de 1921.

Elles figurent seulement sur les meilleures feuilles)

Also technically characteristic, pictorially executed work by this master influenced in his horses by Ph. Wouwerman, whose own horse drawing in turn had followers especially in North Germany (see Gerson, Ausbreitung und Nachwirkung der holländischen Malerei des 17. Jhdts., 2nd ed., p. 220). Unmistakable yet also in his dogs and the easiness of the composition.

According to Houbraken already at the age of eight pupil of an otherwise unknown Dirk (?) Govaertsz in Gorkum or probably also Utrecht, then there of Jan Both, famed for his Italian landscapes and from 1646 to 1654 himself Italianate:

“ Of the many artists under the Italian sun here only the better known can be mentioned. In the forties we meet in Rome … H. Verschuring …

“ Hendrik Verschuring stayed in Rome for about ten years (1647/57), and when he then intended to return home via Paris he met the son of the mayor ‘Maarzeveen’ there, who induced him to a second Italian journey. So three more years were added ”

(Gerson op. cit. p. 165 f.).

Subsequently in Gorkum again he met his end in a storm at sea near Dordrecht.

“ … produced a great many drawings … for the greater part washed … These leaves are dealt with quite ingeniously and served the artist as studies for his paintings ”

(Nagler), in which he had in the small sizes

“ the  greatest  success  with  representations

Hendrik Verschuring, Resting Hunters

of  horses  and  dogs ”

(L. J. Bol, Holländische Maler des 17. Jhdts. nahe den großen Meistern, 1969, p. 266). The signature here as reproduced as characteristic by Wurzbach vol. II, p. 781.

Corresponding with the paper tone the mostly but fine foxing of especially the sky part little impairing only. The acid-free passepartout with 23-carat gilt tooled artist’s name and dates. – Without glass & frame

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(Herr C. K., 28. Juni 2012)