Only  Light  Penalties  for  Fish  Thieves

Publicandum (by the Royal Electoral Marchian War and Domain Chamber) On behalf of punishing the fish and especially carp thefts from the carp ponds, and the connected reservoirs and canals, belonging to the authority of Cottbus. Given Berlin June 6, 1797. (Berlin,) Georg Decker, (1797). In-2 (13½ × 8⅛ in [34.2 × 20.6 cm]). 4 unnum. pp. on 1 double leaf. Uncut.

Fish + Carp Theft in the District of Cottbus

Typographic watermark. – With title and large starting landscape vignette (2⅜ × 5⅛ in [6 × 13 cm]). – Stating in six items comparably light penalties as against game poaching, but an increase of penalty in case of repetition and aggrevating circumstances based on the General Common Law:

Fish + Carp Theft in the District of Cottbus

“ … that the fish and specially carp thefts from the ponds belonging to the district Cottbus … by malicious and wanton people are still conducted heavily, and by this both His Royal Majesty supreme interest as the privilege of the general leaseholder of the district Cottbus are infringed. Royal command wants that this mischief shall be punished according to the whole strictness of the laws … with no difference of the person of the delinquents and their other jurisdiction. ”

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