In  the  fine  contemporary  binding

by  Hersant

Fisher, P(etrus! = William Andrew Chatto). The Angler’s Souvenir. Assisted by several eminent Piscatory Characters. With

31  copperplates

by Henry Beckwith and Francis William Topham. London, Henry G. Bohn, 1845. Sm. 8vo. Engraved title, X, 192 pp. Contemp. dark blue calf by Hersant on 4 raised bands with spine label and richly gilt compartments, double gilt fillets with corner fleurons and blind fillet, gilt leading edges, blind inner dentelle, and marbled fly leaves. Gilt edges. (Hersant.)

BMC LXXIII, 702 (ed. 1835); Westwood, p. 93; Heckscher 724. – Not in Schwerdt, who, however, owned Chatto’s (Newcastle-on-Tyne 1799 – London 1864) song The Old English Squire (I, 70) published under another pseudonym and set to music by Daniel Blake. – A new edition with the practical matter omitted was published 1877. – The plates foxed only a little to not at all except for a few, i. a. title and dedication, affected more. The text, printed on especially strong paper, only quite slightly touched on pages vis-à-vis of plates. Irrespective of the paled spine and the front cover discolored to green-blue, with the back cover still almost completely blue, the binding is unalteredly attractive.

Petrus Fisher, Angler's Souvenir

Print of the first edition of 1835 with the publisher and date changed on the engraved title only while retaining the original dedication “London, Charles Tilt, 86 Fleet Street August 1. 1835” and date of the preface “14th Aug. 1835”:

“ The  copies  issued  by  Bohn  are  of  the  first  impression ,

with  Mr. Bohn’s  name  in  place  of  Tilt’s , on  the  engraved  title-page .

The book has several woodcut page borders which are used throughout, and many neat engravings on copper … The work is clever and caustic, and contains a critique of several of the angling books of the day ”


With rich varying borders in wood engraving. – Besides an angling scenery the plates mostly show fish, utensils, and flies. – In London since 1830, later also working in New York, Beckwith is known “by fine animal pieces after Landseer” (Thieme-Becker). His brother-in-law Topham (Leeds 1808 – Cordova 1877), active in London since 1829 as engraver of book illustrations, later turned as autodidact to watercolor painting. His rather popular Irish and Spanish genre scenes were highly paid at his time.

Petrus Fisher, Angler's Souvenir (Pike)

“ To  all  that  love  us ,  and  the  honest  art  of  Angling .

Study  to  be  quiet .

“ ‘As inward lore breeds outward talk,
The hound some praise and some the Hawk:
Some better pleased with private sport,
Use tennis some a Mistress court:

But  these  delights  I  neither  wish

Nor  envy  while  I  freely  fish.’ ”

The preface dedicated to Fisher’s brother Jim of the East India Company’s Regiment of Native Infantry, Calcutta, honouring also the contributions of mutual friends. So e.g. “… Mich. Routledge … an excellent fly-fisher and poacher, has furnished – orally, for he cannot write – some ‘valuable information’”. Otherwise containing characteristics of anglers, descriptions of the importend fish districts in the Scottish lakes, the Thames, and other rivers, fishing adventures plus extensive remarks on equipment and fish species (92 pp.). And thus in its contents as plentiful as in its outward appearance

splendidly  designed

from  borders  and  illustrations  up  to  the  binding .

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