Fishing & Hunting in Great Britain:

“ The Delight of Sportsmen
at the Beginning of the Century ”

Daniel, W(illia)m B(arker). Rural Sports. 2 vols. With engraved and (1) ill. titles by Peltro William Tomkins (1759 London 1840) and

63  ( 1 double page )  copperplates

by John Scott (London about 1778 – after 1821) after Stephan Elmer (Farnham, Sussex, – 1795, 10), Sawry Gilpin (Carlisle 1733 – London 1807, 10), and others. (London,) Bunny & Gold, (1801-)02. Large 4to. 5 nn. ll., 388 pp.; 3 nn. ll., 520 pp., 2 nn. ll. Brown half leather with gilt back-plate, blind stamping, broad leather edges, and marbled boards. Top edge brown, otherwise paled dotted edges.

William Barker Daniel, Rural Sports

BMC IIL, 328; Souhart 132; Schwerdt I, 133 f. (2nd edition of 1805, now in 3 vols. + suppl. vol. of 1813). – First edition. – On broad Whatman paper of 1794 + 1801. A few plates trimmed within the white platemark, only one title within the publisher’s adress. A few marginal tears repaired. The plates mostly in the white margins a little foxed, only a few + the titles seized more. A few quires evenly slightly browned, otherwise as a whole of great freshness.

William Barker Daniel, Rural Sports (Old English Setter)

The several chapters on hounds – with 50 pages on medicines – , different game as fox, stag, hare, martin, birds (110 pp. with 19 plates), and others more. Furthermore describing origin, principles, and development of hunting laws as a whole as especially related to fish, birds, and hounds. Finally hints on arms and ammunition.

Of definitive thematic priority

William Barker Daniel, Rural Sports (Trout)

fishing & angling ,

containing on 373 pp. and 18 plts. besides numerous descriptions of species with instructions for hauling & needed flies 22 pages especially about making flies and 98 pages with descriptions of the waters, arranged to counties of England, Scotland, and Ireland. – Indexes for each volume.

“ Daniel’s ‘Rural Sports’ were the delight of sportsmen at the beginning of the century … confessedly a compilation in great part, but with much new matter. Hunting, coursing, shooting, &c., are fully described, and

the  plates  in  both  volumes  are  excellent …

The book will always be valued as a general record of sport before the introduction of modern guns and methods to kill game more speedily and surely. Sir R. P. Gallwey remarks (Moor and Marsh Shooting, 1886, p. 314) that it

‘ contains  one  of  the  earliest , if  not  the  earliest , authentic  accounts

of  wild-fowl  shooting  with  punt  and  gun ,

besides many incidents connected with fowling, that are of great interest as records of the sport of catching and shooting ducks in past days’ ”

(Morgan George Watkins, Dictionary of National Biography, vol. 14 [1888], p. 32).

Illustrated and engraved by the best of their time. Scott had

“ the name of one of the most credited engravers of his motherland. He had also the merit of an excellent drawer, who used the graver with a mastery as to be found in first rate sheets only. He stands alone in his superior style of engraving … Some of his sheets are united in éditions de luxe, so separately they are rare or even not to be found ”

(Nagler XVI, 179). And Gilpin , “… a fine English animal painter … named: Apostle of the North” (N. V, 174) – was esteemed as “one of the most important British horse painters. But he had also done excellent with the depiction of other wild animals” (Thieme-Becker XIV, 49). – Elmer “depicted wild and house birds which earned him great applause. He was even to be put aside of the Dutch painters …” (N. IV, 110).

A  fine  copy  of  this  as  well  fascinatingly  illustrated

William Barker Daniel, Rural Sports (Fox)

as  textually  well-founded  manual .

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William Barker Daniel, Rural Sports (Wood Grouse)

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